ECSO: 7.10.24


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

July 1

Deputy met with victim in reference to a theft on a construction site. Items missing are a concrete mixer, mortar mixer, four wall planks, two wheel barrels and a single axle trailer. Estimated total on stolen items is appx. $4,700.

July 2

Deputies responded to Glenwood Rd. in reference to a domestic. Complainant advised she and her son/offender had been arguing and he threatened to put his hands on her. C/p advised offender had been staying with her for about a year and does not have a job and she’s tired of arguing with him and wants him to leave. C/p was advised of the eviction process. Deputies spoke with offender who advised they two were arguing and he was trying to call someone to pick him up.

Deputy responded to Mill St. in reference to prowling activity. Complainant advised she noticed the door to her outdoor freezer and shed were open.

Deputy was advised of a vehicle owner having a warrant, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Upon talking with the driver, deputy ran his license and confirmed the active probation warrant. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

July 4

Deputies responded to Ed Youmans Rd in reference to chickens being stolen. C/p stated that he sold chickens to the offender but told the offender that he would sell all the chickens except two that were in the pen. While loading the chickens, the offender stated that he would like to have a dip net, and c/p gave him one. C/p went inside of his house as the offender was leaving and later went back outside and noticed the two chickens were gone and the dip net was lying beside the pen. The offender stated that he agreed to buy all the chickens and everything that went with them. He stated that he never agreed for c/p top keep any of the chickens.

July 5

Deputies were called to Swainsboro PD. Upon arrival, c/p stated that her children’s father was not returning them as court ordered after his allotted time. She also stated that she had let him take the children earlier then ordered for the holiday.

July 7

Deputies responded to an irate person at Hereford Circle. Upon arrival, contact was made with all parties. C/p stated that her son became irate with her and punched holes in her bedroom door with the tip of a vape box. Due to the fact that deputies have been to this residence multiple times for the same call, the offender was placed under arrested for disorderly conduct. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail. C/p stated that she did not wish to pursue further criminal action, but she did want to get the offender mentally evaluated.