ECSO: 6.26.24


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

June 15

Complainant stated he was checking his farm property on South Old Reidsville Rd. and believes he lost his firearm but is not sure of the exact location. C/p stated he may have laid it down on the tailgate of his truck and t could have fallen off going down the road or at the dump site on Hwy 80 East. C/p stated he went back and checked both areas the next day and was unable to locate it.

June 16

Deputy was dispatched to W. Broad St. in reference to someone throwing trash in complainant’s yard. C/p stated that multiple times since 6/14, someone has been stopping in front of his house and throwing trash in his yard. C/p advised offender to be a female and described the vehicle but does not know who she is.

June 17

Deputies were dispatched to Long Bay Dr. in reference to a domestic. 911 advised that the female subject had been hit in the face and the male subject had taken a firearm from the female victim and fled the scene. A vehicle description and direction of the vehicle was provided. With the assistance of Oak Park Police, suspect was located and detained. Upon arrival at the incident location, victim stated the altercation ensued because she caught offender cheating and he struck her with a closed fist, choked her and slammed her to the floor. Victim advised offender took her pistol from her purse and left. Victim showed signs of physical abuse of what appeared to be moderate to severe swelling to the eye and face. Information was relayed to Oak Park Police who said the suspect was detained and advised he showed signs of physical abuse that consisted of a knot on his head. Suspect stated he woke up after being hit on the head by the female holding a gun and during the course of the altercation, he knocked the gun out of her hand and left. Due to conflicting statements and both parties having injuries, the primary aggressor could not be determined. Female victim was transported by EMS to the EMC ER. Male subject was issued a Criminal Trespass Warning to the residence.

Deputies responded to Hwy 23 South where complainant stated she was receiving multiple texts and calls from a man threatening her and her child and is unsure who the man is.

June 18

Deputy responded to Hereford Cir. in reference to a female knocking on homes trying to use a phone. Complainant advised the female got out of described vehicle with damages. A few minutes prior to this call, deputy was dispatched to Lindsey Rd. in reference to a hit and run involving the described vehicle and victim followed the car to a residence. Deputy and police went down the driveway where vehicle was last seen and discovered the driveway went through a yard onto Fanning Cir. Deputies observed the vehicle on Hereford Cir. to be unoccupied and the ignition still on. A female approached the scene and was detained for further investigation. While police were viewing surveillance, the female approached deputy’s unit and requested for him to call her daughter and asked what was going on. She then stated she shouldn’t even be driving, and deputy asked if her license is suspended, and she then changed the subject and stated her friend was driving and they were coming from the club. Deputy then asked her for her friend’s whereabouts, and she stated they left walking and left her alone with the car. Deputy and police did not observe anyone walking in the area and c/p advised the female was the only one seen with the vehicle. Police took her into custody.

June 19

Deputies assisted EMS and first responders with a drowning on Heron Rd. Victim was said to have dove into the river and did not surface for a period of time. Others at the location with the victim pulled him from the water and found him to be unresponsive. CPR was given who was resuscitated on scene prior to arrival. Victim was flown out for further treatment.

Complainant called 911 in reference to his neighbor threatening him over a mailbox he set up at his residence. Deputy responded to Wendy Ln. and spoke with c/p and he stated he was in his yard and offender began threatening and cussing at him then left. Offender drives a log truck and parks it in the street across from c/p’s residence and it’s been a long-standing argument between them about his truck being parked there.

June 20

Deputy was dispatched to Nanette St. in reference to suspicious activity. He observed two juveniles walking back to their residence at Pine Terrace Apts. and they stated they had not seen any female subjects in the area walking. Deputy went back to speak with c/p who stated she observed two male juveniles, which ended up being the same ones the deputy spoke with, walking around the neighborhood through people’s yards, as well as taking mail out of mailboxes. C/p stated one of them took mail from one mailbox and placed it in another mailbox and she placed it back into her neighbor’s box. C/p also advised the two juveniles usually walk the area in the evenings. Deputy attempted to find the two juveniles again but was unable to.

Complainant called ECSO and stated an item was delivered to his mailbox by USPS and when he checked his mailbox, it was not there. The item is valued at $100.

June 21

Deputies responded to Lambs Bridge Rd. in reference to a domestic dispute. Both parties stated that the problem would only get worse if bother were left to stay in the same house. Both parties wre transported to EmCo Detention Center.

June 22

Deputy observed a vehicle on Lewis St. that appeared to be non-factory tint, at which time he initiated a traffic stop on E. Main St. Deputy approached the vehicle and asked the driver for his license and for permission to use his tint meter. ECSO K9 did a walk around of the vehicle and it was observed that the driver was acting nervous. K9 alerted on the driver door and as deputy walked toward the vehicle, other officers saw the driver put something in his pocket. Deputy performed a pat down to find a blue pill fall out of offender’s pocket. Before deputy could pick it up, offender used his foot to cover it up and when told to move his foot, he slid his foot backwards, crushing the pill in the pavement. At this time, offender was arrested for tampering with evidence. Deputies then used a pocketknife to get some of the powder off the pavement and it field tested for meth. When searching the vehicle, a small bag of marijuana and a pipe was found. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.