ECSO: 2.8.23


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

January 30

Deputies responded to Hwy 221 S. in reference to a possible hydroplaned vehicle in the edge of the tree line. The vehicle appeared to be abandoned and was removed by wrecker service.

Deputy took a walk-in report in reference to a lost tag.

Deputy conducted a traffic stop for failure to maintain lane.

Deputy took a report from complainant who stated her daughter-in-law was being followed from WalMart to Family Dollar by a male subject. C/p stated one of her friends was followed by the same male in the same vehicle on Coleman St. as well.

January 31

Complainant stated he lost his tag and needed a report.

Deputies served an outstanding Probation Warrant on offender and transported him to EmCo Jail.

February 1

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 1 S. in reference to an MVA involving two tractor-trailers. Deputy on scene advised he observed offender throwing beer cans on the shoulder of the road. Offender was turned over to GSP and was determined to be DUI-alcohol.

Deputies responded to Oak Park Hwy. in reference to a burglary alarm. Homeowner advised he had a faulty sensor.

Deputy received a report from complainant stating that her son was driving her vehicle and offender was broke down on Long Bay Dr. C/p advised that when the son asked offender if he was stranded, offender got upset and threw a piece of log at c/p’s vehicle causing damage to the front end. C/p then stated offender started chasing her son with an axe as he drove away. C/p advised she drove back to the scene and offender ran into the woods.

Deputies were dispatched to Falcon Trl. in reference to a single vehicle rollover.

Deputy made contact with AC-1 via phone call in reference to a report of animal cruelty.

February 2

Complainant met with investigators in reference to forgery. C/p stated an unsub replicated one of their company checks and attempted to deposit it into a bank in Decatur.

Deputies responded to Stokes Ave. in reference to a domestic dispute. Complainant stated her significant other was causing a disturbance within the household. Contac was made with offender as he was packing some belongings and agreed to leave to prevent further disturbances.

February 3

Deputy took a report from complainant who stated she went to a bonfire at a friend’s house on Bob White Rd. and offender showed up and told c/p that she “had a bone to pick with her”. C/p stated they exchanged a few words and offender began to punch her in the face. C/p stated that offender’s friend jumped in a began to hit her and choked her as ell until the fight was broken up by other people. C/p stated she believes the altercation started over her ex-boyfriend who is currently dating offender, but she has not had any contact with him for about two years.

February 4

Deputy responded to Leman Rd. in reference to a property dispute. Complainant stated he was buying property across the street and there was a camper on the property that belonged to a neighbor, the previous owner. C/p stated the camper was parked on the property after the property was foreclosed and he talked to the neighbors and asked about having it moved and they agreed but haven’t moved it yet. Contact was made with the neighbors and the camper was moved.

Deputy responded to Pinecone Way in reference to a domestic dispute. Complainant stated her son was being verbally and physically abusive to her. C/p stated she and another son were attempting to put in a dryer when offender came in the house cussing. C/p stated they had an altercation the night prior. Deputy made contact with offender inside the residence who stated he was sitting in the bathroom when they went in aggravating him. Offender stated his brother pushed him down and he had not done anything to them.

February 5

Deputies responded to Thigpen Dr. in reference to a wanted person.


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