ECSO 10-14-20


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

October 4

Complainant struck a deer on US 1 at Hwy 297 causing damage to the front of her vehicle.

Vehicle was damaged on the right side while parked at Red Roof Inn.

October 5

Deputies went to a Durden Rd. residence in reference to a wanted person with warrants.  Upon arrival, deputies were told the wanted person was not there but had stayed previously, at which time the wanted person came from around a shed in the backyard and fled into a nearby field.  Deputies went after him and were able to catch up with him and make an arrest.

Deputies were dispatched to a Hwy 46 E. location in reference to a theft of EMC service. 

Complainant stated she was allowing her daughter and son-in-law to live with her and they had a verbal agreement to loan her vehicle to her son-in-law for payment and no payment has been received and have since left the residence and took the vehicle.  Complainant also stated she had a shotgun, a revolver, and a trailer taken to a pawn shop and sold by her son-in-law without her knowledge.

October 6

Deputies responded to Huckleberry Rd. in reference to complainants son being drunk and irate.  Upon arrival, deputies spoke with complainant who stated her son suffers from alcoholism and mental health issues and almost caught her kitchen on fire after falling asleep while trying to cook.  Deputies learned that the offender had an active warrant for aggravated battery and was arrested without incident.

Officer spoke with complainant who stated that her neighbor’s horse was coming on her property causing damage, eating her dog’s food, and getting trash out of the back of a truck.  Complainant also stated she has contacted the owner of the horse and was told her brother was supposed to be taking care of it but if it was in bad shape to call the humane society, at which point the complainant did so and was advised that they would retrieve the horse.

Deputies responded to Christopher Dr. in reference to a physical altercation.  Upon arrival, complainant stated the offender is the father of her daughter’s child and he became irate as her daughter was attempting to leave.

Complainants wanted to make a report in reference to offender gong around their property after being told numerous times not to.  Complainant stated he has been threatened and that this has been going on for several months. 

Complainant made a report in reference to a person that hit his vehicle and left the scene.

Deputy responded to Longbay Dr. in reference to a 2-year-old that had been taken from her home.  Upon arrival, complainant stated that her ex-boyfriend and father of her child, had broken into her bedroom window and taken the child out of the home and she was awakened by the offender standing in the corner of her bedroom and she stared screaming.  Complainant then stated the offender fled back out the window as her brother came in and chased the offender outside, at which time she noticed her daughter was missing.  Complainant also stated she has a TPO on the offender for a previous incident where he allegedly tried to kidnap their child and herself before.  Deputy checked the scene and discovered the bedroom window had been tampered with and found zip ties and a role of duct tape.  Once outside, he tracked the footprints and notified surrounding agencies of the offender vehicle and description.  Moments later, the offender called the complainants uncle and advised him that he was willing to meet and return the child, but only if the mother was present.  Complainant advised deputy that the offender is known to carry a pistol and she feared for her daughters safety and her own.   After several hours, offender agreed to meet and was arrested while meeting with complainants.

October 7

Deputy responded to Walden Way in reference to complainant stating someone was standing at his driveway.  Complainant shot up in the air and the subject took off running and went into the woods.

Deputies responded to Hwy 1 S. in reference to a disorderly elderly male.  Upon arrival, a deputy had already assisted EMS and stated three persons needed to report being struck during the altercation. 

Complainant stated her vehicle struck a deer on Hawhammock Church Rd. causing moderate damage.

Complainant stated he was traveling down McGarrh Mill Pond Rd. and as he went around a curve, a vehicle was traveling in the opposite direction and was partially in his lane and hit his mirror and did not stop.

October 8

Complainant stated a deer struck her vehicle on Hwy 80 W causing moderate damage.

Complainant stated someone broke into the window of his residence and also let his dog out and it was hit by a vehicle.  Complainant believes his cousin is breaking in and this is the fourth time in two weeks.

October 9

Deputy responded to a one vehicle MVA on Lambs Bridge Rd.  Upon arrival, deputy could tell the vehicle ran off the road, struck a mailbox, and continued into the ditch striking a culvert, and the driver of the vehicle had left the scene.

Complainant stated several deer ran out in the roadway and he was unable to avoid them and two struck his vehicle causing moderate damage.

Complainant stated she was receiving harassing phone calls and text messages.  Complainant also stated she has told offender to leave her alone several times and he continues to harass her.

Deputy received a report from the complainant/District Manager of Dollar General in Garfield advising that the offender/employee had taken tow separate bank deposits from the store and they were never made. Complainant confronted offender and she advised she made the deposits and has no further knowledge. 

Deputies were directing traffic while assisting SPD with a 2 vehicle crash on S. Main St.   when a vehicle came up on the scene after being motioned to slow down and ignored directions given and continued to drive at a n unsafe speed endangering fire, EMS, and law enforcement.  Deputy got into his patrol unit and initiated a traffic stop, made contact with the drive, and immediately smelled marijuana.  Deputy asked the driver if there was any in the vehicle and he stated no.  Driver and passengers were asked to exit the vehicle and were detained for a vehicle search, where a plastic bag containing marijuana was found behind the driver seat in a rolled up BK bag.

Deputy received information to make contact with Cpl. in Statesboro in reference to a possible child molestation that went to EMC ER.  Information was given that the father of the child is the suspected offender.

October 10

Deputy responded to Rosie Powell Rd. in reference to a possible domestic dispute. 

Officer spoke with complainant that stated he was on Hwy 57 E. when a deer entered the roadway and he was unable to avoid striking the deer, causing moderate damage to his truck.

Officer was performing routine patrol functions in Adrian/Norristown area when he observed a vehicle driving at a slow rate of speed and suspected the occupants to be night hunting.  Officer turned around and the vehicle suddenly pulls dover and the driver jumped out and popped the hood.  When officer made contact with the driver, he knew the driver to have an active outstanding bench warrant, and was arrested without incident.

Officer responded to Dellwood Rd. in reference to complainant stating offender texted her telling her to stop riding by his residence and screaming or he was going to contact Burke Co. and file harassment charges.  Complainant wanted to make a report showing she was in Em. Co. when offender tried to say she was in Burke Co.

Driver was on Hwy 57 W. when a deer entered the roadway and made an avoidance causing him to leave the roadway striking a light pole.

October 11

Complainant stated she hit a deer on US 80 W causing extensive damage to her vehicle.

Deputy responded to McLoud Bridge Rd. in reference to a domestic dispute.  Upon arrival, deputy met with offender and witness and both advised that there had been an argument earlier but the other party had left and everything was alright.  As deputy was leaving, he was advised that the caller was on his way home and wanted to speak with deputies.  Deputy then met with complainant who stated he was arguing with offender/girlfriend and she had pushed him, hit him several times, and threatened him with a firearm. 

Officer responded to Slater Rd. in reference to a dog being shot.  Upon arrival, officer met with complainant who stated his neighbor shot his dog.  The witness rode around the area asking neighbors if they had seen the dog and the offender stated he did see the dog earlier on his property and made sure he put lead in him.  Officer then spoke with offender who stated he did fire tow shots to scare a group of dogs off because they were chasing his smaller dogs.

October 12

Deputy responded to N. 2n dSt. in Stillmore in reference to a fight.  Complainant and victim stated they had been staying with offender and an argument started that resulted in offender punching complainant several times.  Victim then stated that offender pulled knife on her. 

Deputy responded to Wes Lawson Rd. in reference to a deer striking a vehicle causing minor damage.


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