DEA VS Fullington Academy


Last week, DEA played Fullington Academy. They came up short in two games, but still gained a win in the end. The middle school boys went 18-28, with Tucker free scoring a point, Layton Terwilliger with 2, Ethan fields with eleven points, Richard Braddy with two points, and Peyton Templeton also had two points. Then to the varsity girls team, who had a 31-37 game. Sarah Jo Perkins scored seven points, Kyli Bell scored four, Kaleigh Scarboro scored four as well, Alana Tant scored three, and Emma Proctor scored 13. Now the varsity boys pulled a victory over Fullington with a 47-34 lead, Kaden Lynch scored eleven points, Racyn Faircloth scored eighteen, Billy Martin Scored five, Jesse Moore scored two, Randon Williams scored eight, and Tony Sutton scored 3. Good game to all teams, and don’t miss out on their next game. Varsity teams will be playing Alleluia January 7 at 6 p.m. and 7 p.m.


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