Darling’s Dolls


After giving thanks for our many blessings and had our fill of turkey and dressing, we turned our wishes onto the magic that will happen on the evening of December 24. Shirley and every other Emanuel County child knew that Santa was on his way. Letters reporting good behavior and filled with wishes had been read by the jolly ole elf. The only stops in our hometown where Santa could fill his pouch was Darlings, United 5 & 10, and a few items at Western Auto. Our desires from Santa had to fit into the toys available in these three stores or the Sears Christmas catalogue. Parents did not trust these orders to arrive on time. Shortly after Thanksgiving, Bob Darling set out his annual displays of dolls. There were at least three or four long stair steps covered with soft colorful material. For several years, I watched for the doll I wanted so dearly to be in the display---but never happened. In my early reading, I was given the book, Raggedy Ann. I fell in love with her story and wanted the doll to hold close and love. Santa never got the message since the choices of dolls in Swainsboro did not include Raggedy Ann. During those years, a doll named Betsy Wetsy was popular, and Santa sat her under my tree. Raggedy Ann would have never done an act so rude. That was the Christmas I lost my faith in the judgement of Santa.

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