Buck Overload


It’s that time of the year again! It’s time to fill our freezers full of delicious deer meat. With deer season in full swing, things are a little different this hunting season. Deer processors’ freezers are full, to the point they can’t house any more deer!

This is not usually a problem. Many say it's caused by the country’s inflation problem, because just like everything else in the country right now, processing prices have increased due to the cost of materials also going up. Maybe, that is causing customers to delay picking up their orders. However, even with the price increases, it is still often cheaper to stock up on

deer meat rather than going to the grocery store and buying beef and pork because, as we have all seen, the cost of these products has risen as well.

Additionally, hunters are harvesting more deer this season because it's cheaper, but the processors are also facing a labor shortage. Usually, the deer meat is ready within two weeks of being brought in. However, with the shortage of help, freezers are staying full longer because it is taking longer for the meat to be processed.


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