A good deed


Good deeds never go unnoticed, especially if ones efforts are supported and encouraged by others. A good deed was planted into the local community last week, after a Wednesday surprise delivery made to the local animal shelter.

On August 4, the Betty Gambrell Animal Shelter received a gracious donation from 10-year old Kenley Jersey. According to Jersey, she and her mother, Heather, were discussing good deeds and the impact a nice gesture can make in others' lives. This conversation sparked interest in Kenley's heart as she thought of ways to give back to the local community. After some thinking, she decided to focus her deed on the local canines at the animal shelter.

Using her own savings money, Kenley, accompanied by her mother, went shopping for all kinds of goodies to include in her donation. Purchased items included leashes, collars, food and water bowls, toys, tennis balls, dog food dog treats, blankets and more.

Wednesday morning, Kenley and her grandmother, Donna Bowman, made the donation drop off to shelter staff, who were excited to see such a good deed.


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