Shelter dogs to be euthanized if not adopted


The Emanuel County Humane Society and The Forest-Blade are partnering together to save the lives of shelter dogs at the Betty Gambrell Animal Shelter in Swainsboro. Each week The Forest-Blade will feature dogs from the shelter whose time is almost up and will be euthanized soon if not adopted. The Emanuel County Humane Society will sponsor these dogs featured in the paper weekly by paying for their adoption fee, spaying/neutering and rabies shot when they are adopted. These are dogs/puppies that have been at the shelter the longest. When the shelter is full, like it is now, the room has to be made for other dogs to come in. NO ONE likes the thoughts of innocent, healthy dogs having to be "put to death" to make room for more dogs/puppies. It is not the shelter's fault, nor the staff who loving care for these dogs. It is State Regulations handed down by the Georgia Department of Agriculture in order to operate a city/county animal shelter. Blame also needs to be put on irresponsible pet owners who don't spay/neuter their pets: therefore, allowing them to have unwanted litters of puppies/kittens.

If you can give one of these precious fur babies a loving home, contact the shelter right away at

478-237-4040 or go by there soon. Remember, you will be saving the life of a dog that will be giving you so much love. Their days are almost over, SO PLEASE HURRY!

"Aurora" is a female bulldog mix. She is a very loving mother dog and has five beautiful puppies ready to be adopted. She is good with children and other dogs and has a very sweet and loving personality. Her age is about two years old and she weighs 42 lbs.

"Flo" is a female black/tan Shepherd mix and is about a year old. She’s little on the shy side but likes to be around other dogs. She weighs 38 lbs.

"Molly” is a black female Lab mix. She is about a year old and weighs 27 lbs.

"Gumbo” is a playful and handsome tricolored Bulldog mix male dog. He is about a year old and weighs 42 lbs. After some play time, he is ready for a belly rub and some quiet time with his person.