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 #FlashBackFriday! This week features scenes are from the year 1974. Enjoy!

The Blade announces Open House to its new home on West Moring Street! We are still located at this same location! Come and see us!

Michael Strobridge named Teenager of the Week. At the time, the 16-year-old chased fires as a volunteer firefighter. Today, he is still chasing fires for our country and has earned his rank as Chief … Read More

School Board Appreciation Week

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This week not only recognizes Agriculture and Small Business, but it also recognizes school boards as well. In honor of School Board Appreciation Week, we would like to acknowledge our board members for Emanuel County Schools! Can you name our board members???

Hey small businesses, we appreciate you!

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This week also observes small businesses! There are several amongst Emanuel County who deserve recognition for their contributions to Emanuel County! What’s your favorite hometown small business??

True or False

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True or False: In this week’s edition of The Blade, Dr. Barja visited with Spanish II class at SHS.

True or False?

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True or False: The Emanuel Arts Council will host auditions for ‘Steel Magnolias’ on Tuesday, March 26.

Trivia Question number 2!

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From this week’s edition of The Blade, What sports team will be traveling to compete at state and national levels this year?

True or False

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In this week’s edition, The Wiregrass Chapter gives flag certificate to Stillmore Post Office. True or False?

Trivia Time!

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Featured in this week’s edition of The Blade, what teacher of which school did Woodmen of the World recognize?

Weather Forecast

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We are seeing some pretty weather out the window today, and tomorrow looks just as promising for a beautiful day! Be sure to get out and enjoy that sunshine this weekend!

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