You can’t spell Thanksgiving without ‘giving’


We all know that Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate all the wonderful things that we are thankful for while enjoying a warm meal with the ones we love and cherish. Even though it’s sometimes difficult to focus on the spirit of gratitude that this holiday represents when that mesmerizing Thanksgiving menu comes to mind, let's all remember, you can’t spell Thanksgiving without ‘giving’.

Swainsboro’s Men’s Golf Association and Harvey’s Supermarket understand the true sentiment behind the celebration and exemplify what it means to be a blessing for others this holiday season. The two local groups have teamed up with the Department of Family & Children Services to provide Thanksgiving meals for families here in Emanuel County. It’s people like this that make the positive difference in our community. Thank you Swainsboro’s Men’s Golf Association, Harvey’s Supermarket, and Emanuel County DFCS for being a blessing in our neighborhood. We hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving!