When it's dark, turn on the light


I have a friend who lives in Connecticut. Being raised there, she has never lived in the country. There is always light in the section where she lives. She is afraid of the dark. She wants to come and visit us in Georgia but her question is always, " Is it dark at night?". What a question to ask. Of course it's dark at night. God made day and he made night. Yet even in darkness he made the moon to shine.

I was really moved recently by a passage of scripture in Psalms 119:105 which says, " Thy word is a lamp unto my feet And a light unto my pathway.". Now that should brighten up your day. In biblical times life was not as advanced as it is now. So when people operated at night, they used oil lamps. At night they tied lamps to their feet so they could avoid damage when they walked.

Today with more advancements, we seem to be in more danger than ever. The actions of our nation and world from homes, to communities to government gets darker each day. But there is hope because there is light. Genesis 1:1-3, tells us in the beginning the earth had no form, it was covered with water and it was dark. But God spoke. Understand me well. I said, "and God spoke". Daddy nor Momma didn't speak but God Almighty spoke and said," Let there be light and there was light.".

God brought light into the dark world. He is the source of our light today. He is light for your inner man. When you feel dark and empty inside, just turn on the light. Pick up the word of God. Let him light up your pathway. He is light for your home, community, the government and the world. He is the light that shines forever.

When the sin of Adam turned our light out, Jesus came and turned it back on. (read John 1:4-5) He is the Light of the world and for the world. The more you walk in God's word, the brighter your light will become. Do let him light up your path today. Avoid life bumps and bruises. Use the "Forever Ready Light". Jesus, the light of the world. Remember, when there is darkness, turn on the light.