Watt Thoughts: Various observations June 2022


In early May I had several people tell me I need to retire and do more stuff. When I asked them to clarify they told me that if retired then I would have time to travel more. Not sure what they mean by travel more. I started counting from the first weekend in May thru the beginning of June. In a four-week period I realized I drove about 10, 000 miles, flew over 2000 miles and visited at least 12 states.

The first week in May I was in NW Georgia during the week including being on campus in Rock Spring each day and then was in Dalton to attend graduation Thursday night. I drove to Swainsboro GA Friday evening and Saturday morning was at the Knotty Pine 5K bright and early with Swainsboro Kiwanis and I took pictures of the race. I toured the new Emanuel Arts Center. I then left and drove 600 miles to Falls Church VA to spend Saturday and night. Sunday, I rode with him to West Virginia to my sister’s house (Mother’s Day and we had our family Christmas (I had driven to DC area on December 26 for family Christmas as got near there learned my other brother had Covid and I could not stay there and family Christmas and so I stayed with second brother) . I had a good time with them at cookout, then drove back NW Georgia.

Tuesday, I attended last Leadership Walker event as we toured several locations. That Thursday I was in Kennesaw Georgia and saw a friend graduate from college.

I then attended a Kiwanis club’s 100th near Richmond KY on a weekend (had battery die there and got home about 3am, then discovered Tuesday morning they had installed a bad battery as had to get another. Then the end of the month I drove a friend’s car (former student had gotten a good job in Las Vegas and still needed car moved) to Las Vegas from NW GA and caught a red eye flight back on a short weekend trip. Numerous states crossed I-40. I spent week later in June in Jacksonville Florida in training (driving down). Saw several friends there and an enjoyable week. The training was good and full day each day. Kept up with my online classes too. Spent state holiday sitting in class all day learning more so can teach better.

As I write this, I am in Rogers Arkansas talking pictures of the Daisy National BB Gun Championship Match to use to update the web page I d for them. This afternoon I had free time and went and visited the Daisy Air Gun Museum and for first time visited Pea Ridge National Military Park. That is an interesting place as I only saw two monuments (could not get close and see what for as in construction area) and driving thru Chickamauga National Military Park several times a week I always see lots of monuments.

So, what I am saying is if I do retire, I am not sure how I could travel more.

Second observation. Read in several articles recently that there is many Internets and in the 90s that one Internet created (case of I in internet significant. These were articles by people who supposedly are experts. First the Internet was created in 1969. Second from before then to now there are many internets (networks of networks) and more daily. Third what most people know as the Internet (the large worldwide internet we use to look up lots of stuff and I am sending this on, is the 1969 Internet, but got popular and grew astoundingly from about 1993 when the World Wide Web was added on it with the ability for us to use names for sites and not a numerical address. So, there is one Internet and many internets.

Third having been on many highways in many states recently I must observe there are many people who do not understand the left lane is for passing on a four or more lane highway (half those lanes each direction) and not where you just sit and stay in. In Arkansas I saw plenty signs stating Left lane for passing, and I passed the stuck behind vehicle doing less than speed limit in left lane, right lane clear, and just stayed in left lane.

Some observations from me. More later.



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