Veterans at the Library Hear Sherrod


The Veterans at the Library held their weekly meeting Monday, January 29, at the Franklin Memorial Library at 9:15 a.m. With Chair Johnny Tapley presiding, there were 62 in attendance, a new record, with one new veteran, Keith Douglas Wilcox. Keith served in the U.S. Army from January 28, 1975, to May 4, 1984. He was also stationed at Fort Knox, Ky, Fort Lee, VA, Scholfield Barracks, HI, and Fort Carson, CO. Wilcox’s highest rank received was Staff Sgt. Items that were discussed were the upcoming Veterans Golf Tournament at the Swainsboro Country Club on Saturday, May 18, the upcoming visit to EGSC by the U.S. Air Force Band (director Lt. Jay Sconyers) on Sunday, March 24, at 3 p.m. and Veterans Tail Gating on Saturday, March 23, at EGSC. Flags were placed at the Veterans & 1st Responders Park for the two Navy Seals lost in the Red Sea this month. Also, they discussed putting U.S. Flags at the Veterans & 1st Responders Park for the three Georgia U.S. Army soldiers killed in the drone attack in Jordan this past weekend. During the meeting, Emanuel County Commissioner Jim Sherrod gave an update on the county and what was coming in the near future concerning the John C. Coleman Hotel, the Mitchell Building, the Emanuel County Recreation Department and the new building beside the U.S. Post Office.