Trash for Trophies: KEB starts Southern Trash Bash in May


This year Keep Emanuel Beautiful (KEB) volunteers invite all Emanuel County citizens and civic groups to join in the fun at the county-wide cleanup on Saturday, May 11, from 9 a.m. to noon. Prizes will be awarded to the group with the most volunteers making the largest impact and the craziest find. Everyone who participates will receive pizza and drinks at noon at the Boneyard.

KEB anti-littering efforts throughout the year have included small clean sweeps at local schools and in participating neighborhoods. On May 11, however, everyone is invited to take part in a little fun competition while beautifying our county. A similar event called The Trash Bash takes place in Augusta each year. Since Emanuel County is located below Augusta, the KEB event is called The Southern Trash Bash.

Participants will gather at soon-to-be announced locations in each city at 9 a.m.. Twin City has its city-wide cleanup date set for April 27. KEB looks forward to having the same big clean up-date as the Twice as Friendly city next year. From each starting point, volunteers will collect maps, bags and vests then drive to their designated areas. A list of roads and sites in need of cleaning will be provided to those not cleaning their own neighborhoods or stretches.

When bags have been filled, participants are asked to send a photo of their clean-up to the Keep Emanuel Beautiful Facebook or Instagram pages with the hashtag #EmanuelTrashBash, or if they want to give their city or street a shoutout, they can list their city in the hashtag #AdrianTrashBash.

At noon, all participants are asked to bring their bags (if they haven’t already discarded them) to the Swainsboro Boneyard for a community picture where there will be pizza, prizes and more. The largest group that cleans the most will receive the KEB honorary award and bragging rights for a year. The Emanuel County Southern Trash Bash is open to the public, and those interested in participating can register at the Keep Emanuel Beautiful website.

This event was developed through a partnership between Emanuel County Board of Commissioners, the City of Swainsboro, Twin City, Garfield, Adrian, Summertown, Georgia, Oak Park, Canoochee, Emanuel County Public Works and Keep Emanuel Beautiful, an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful dedicated to ending litter and beautifying communities in the Emanuel County area. Other community partners include Swainsboro Moose Lodge, and Tractor Supply. Stay posted for more details.