Time to Check Your Love Gauge


Sometimes we just need to check the basic things in life. You know the things which you have heard and been reading all of your life. The things which you have been practicing but don't frequent the manual because you just know that you have it together.

Well, I was reminded this morning of checking my love gauge. When we say we love, are we loving our way or by our standards of Love? Since we didn't create love, we must go to the one who is Love to measure our love gauge. I John 4: 7,12 & 16 tells us that, "God is Love". So, let's see what Love says about love. Are you ready to see where you stand? I found out that I was not up to standard with God's love, so I am striving for perfection.

I will use the English Revised, Easy Read, and King James Versions of the bible in I Corinthians chapter thirteen to measure the qualities of God's Love through his Word.

• Love is patient

• Love is kind

• Love does not envy

• Love does not boast, brag not proud. (does not pat itself on the back)

• Love is not arrogant

• Love is not rude

• Love doesn't insist on it's own way. (Not selfish)

• Love is not irritable

• Love works no Ill to his neighbor. (Romans 13:10)

• Love is not resentful. (doesn’t keep records of wrong. it is forgiving)

• Love never rejoices in wrong.

• Love rejoices in the truth.

• Love bears all things. (it never gives up on people.)

• Love believes all things. (Never stop trusting)

• Love never loses hope

• Love endures all things. It never quits.


All gifts will come to an end but love never ends. These three will continue; faith, hope and love but the greatest of these is Love. So keep these measurements to check your gauge regularly so we can truly say "I love you".