Taking nothing for granted


It’s been more than 20 years since Swainsboro High School won a state football championship. That’s a long time to pursue a dream, but that’s how good football programs rise and rise again. They stick with it. Title-winning programs don’t just pop up out of nowhere. They are built year in and year out through a crusade of stubbornly believing in something and expecting the best. This year is another trip toward the top. Coach Scott Roberts and his staff are once again taking the Swainsboro Tigers to State competition to pit their skill and training against the very best throughout Georgia. Once more the tradition lives on, and our little town gets to “bask in the spotlight” because of the good things that go on out there on Tiger Trail. We get to enjoy a shot of pride, a little adrenalin boost and a reminder that there are some amazing young people out there who are not only working year-round to bring home the titles, but also working every day to prepare for life after sports. And by the way, there are more than 2,800 other students along with hundreds of teachers, administrators, and support personnel who also show up on Tiger Trail Monday through Friday for ten months out of each year. These kids in the desks today are the ones who will provide generations of leadership that will keep this little town running far into the future.

When Coach Roberts puts his team on the field at Mercedes Benz Stadium next Monday afternoon in Atlanta, he will make sure they are fully focused on the job and aren’t taking anything for granted. That’s a good example for all of us to take to heart. Every now and then, we need to make sure we are focused and appreciative and not taking any of the effort and activity going on in our schools for granted. Because a winning program in the classrooms means a winning program for the whole community and that means we all come out ahead! Next week, we will be cheering for the Tigers’ next victory, but more than that, we’ll be cheering for the dedication, spirit and the hard work that’s already gotten them where they are today. Our thanks to Coach Scott Roberts, his staff and to all the members of this outstanding team. Congratulations and GO TIGERS!