Swainsboro Walmart to hold a book-signing for longtime employee - Miss Hancock


If you’ve ever walked into Swainsboro Walmart then you’ve surely been greeted with a warm smile and a sincere hello by Miss Louise Hancock. She’s the sweet lady in the wheelchair who makes your trip to the store feel less like a burden and more like a reason for being with her kindness, wisdom, and compassion for everyone who walks through the double-doors. Recently, she made waves of incredible significance when she published a book that was inspired by her life. The paperback novel is titled “Just As I Am” and chronicles her bittersweet account of being born into poverty during the Great Depression, stricken with paralyzing polio at the age of three, and how she overcame every extreme hardship by placing her complete faith in the Lord. This Saturday, Jan 15, Swainsboro Walmart is holding a book-signing in front of the store between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. for their valued greeter. She will be selling copies of her phenomenal book, sharing her testimony and meeting patrons in person. All book sale profits go to The Beacon of Hope Church of God where Miss Louise’s grandson is the pastor. She hopes that these donations will aid them in building their much needed Sunday school classrooms so be sure to mark your calendars and make a difference this Saturday.