SPD 07-21-21


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…
July 9
Officer was waved down by a female about a forged check and stated that she had heard about there being a problem with forged checks from this particular company. The officer will be getting the surveillance footage to identify the man who had the check. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to property damage. The employee at the local business states there were holes cut ingot the fencing and was not sure if other items were tampered with or not, but wanted to make the report for informational purposes. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to a woman stating she had medication taken from her home. She had the prescription filled on July 1st with a total of 90 pills and when she counted them, there were only 47 left. 
Officers stopped at a vehicle that was stopped with flashers on and the officer noticed there was no one inside the vehicle. He attempted to call the owner of the vehicle and called in to be sure the vehicle was not stolen. The vehicle had no insurance and was towed. There was damage done to the right front side of the vehicle. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to a dispute where a husband was throwing the complainants clothing out in the yard. The husband was throwing the wife’s clothing out in the yard and telling her to leave because she was calling another man over the phone while he was at work. The wife told the officer the same thing, but also said he took her car and hid it. He stated he took her vehicle to the store and messed up the front right side of the vehicle when he hit a curb. He left the vehicle there and it was later towed because it had no insurance. The wife’s sister came while the officers were there, attempting to get her sister to leave with her for the night. The couple was advised that one of them needed to leave for the night, but the wife stated she was not leaving. The husband packed a bag and left for the night. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to vehicle theft. The male running the automotive shop stated that the woman dropped off her Jeep to be worked on and an unknown male took the vehicle. The vehicle was found in Alabama, where the offender stole another vehicle. The owner of the Jeep did not know the tag number on her vehicle at this time. 
July 10
Officers were dispatched in reference to a physical domestic dispute. When officers got there the female subject was sitting by the door, bleeding from the mouth and nose area. There was blood on the bed and the offender was standing at the foot of the bed nude. The officers had the victim step out and let the male subject put on clothes. He was told to move slowly, he picked up shorts and a shirt and threw them on and said, “now what?” The female stated that they got into an argument earlier and she left, when she returned around 2 AM he jumped on her and struck her in the face multiple times. He had tried to hit her the night before with a bottle. The broken bottle was still on the floor in the room. The male was asked several questions and admitted to drinking a six pack of beer and had done drugs earlier in the day. He was arrested and transported to jail. Officers wanted to interview him again when he was no longer impaired. 
July 11
Officers were dispatched in reference to a report from a woman stating while at a local park she was attacked. She stated that she was jumped on over a guy. There were marks on the females face and neck as well as bite marks on her. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to a male that would not leave the property when the owner asked him too. The male was asked to leave three times and would not. No charges were pressed, the owner just wanted to have the intoxicated man leave and not come back. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to an unwanted person that would not leave the complainant residence and was knocking on her window of her residence. She stated she would not answer the door and she asked him to leave. She stated that he told her through the window “You are gonna die”, right before the officers arrived. She stated she ended the relationship about three weeks ago, and he continues to come to her house even when she won’t answer his calls. She also stated she does not want to get him in trouble because they have a child together, she just wants him to leave her alone. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to a dispute with a neighbor. The offender stated that the neighbor has been telling people that she is a “home wrecker” and slandering her name in various ways to numerous people. The offender is concerned about her professional reputation as a health care worker. She has plans to speak with an attorney in the near future. There has not been any harm at this time, but she is concerned about the continued safety of herself and family.
July 12
Officer noticed a vehicle’s passenge3r side taillight was not working, at which time he conducted a traffic stop. While making contact with the driver, officer asked for his license and driver stated he did not have a license. Officer then asked if they were supende3d or jus unlicensed and the driver stated they were suspended. Officer stepped to his vehicle to run the driver’s info through GCIC and learned they were suspended with no serve date and the driver was wanted by three different counties. Officer then had 911 run his license and they verified he was wanted and was advised to place a hold on the driver.
Officer was dispatched to Jordan Estates and spoke with complainant who stated her daughter was receiving threats from offender. C/p stated offender was at Jordan Estates trying to get her daughter to go outside and fight her. It was also shown to officer that offender made a Snapchat story taunting her daughter while outside Jordan Estates. While on scene, two female subjects arrived on scene stating this all started from an incident that took place at Burger King on July 11 involving her daughter and a manager. While on scene, the property manager went down and advised that she wanted everybody that was involved and did not live at Jordan Estates to be criminal trespassed from the property.
Officer was dispatched to SPD in reference to a report where complainant and victim stated the daughter of offender has been making threats of violence towards victim.
Complainant went to SPD to make a burglary report. C/p stated he left for work and did not go straight home after work because he went to his mother’s house for the night. C/p indicated when he got home the next day, he noticed the AC was taken out of the window, and noticed several other things missing from his apartment.
July 13
Officer observed a vehicle with a headlight out, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. When making contact with the driver and asking for his license, he stated he did not have them on him. Officer then told the driver that he smelled a very strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and the driver asked about his headlight and kept looking down several times between the door and the seat. Officer got offender’s info and asked 911 to run it and his license came back suspended. Officer told offender he was making him nervous when he kept looking between the door and the seat and asked him to step out of the vehicle. Offender then stated he would rather sit until this was over. Officers instructed offender again to step out of the vehicle and offender stated there was a gun beside him, and got out of the vehicle. A gun, along with marijuana, was found in the vehicle.
Officer received a phone call from Chief Ellison advising that a member of the City Council called him concerned that Lucy’s Pool Hall was open for business after being denied a business license. Chief explained that the business had been denied a business license multiple times and that no one should be on the premises. It was stated that multiple people were observed going in and out of the business and it appeared as if business was being conducted. Officer then responded to William St. and the front door was locked, but after knocking a few minutes, offender opened the door. It was explained that a complaint was received and asked if he opened his business and he stated that he wasn’t open but him and a few of his employees were just sitting inside the establishment cleaning up and hanging out. Offender then stated he was going to seek the services of an attorney to try to acquire a business license and wanted to fix up the place and just sit around with his employees. Offender stated he was not conducting business and that he would not conduct business until he was licensed to do so. Officer contacted the Chief and relayed the information he received while talking to offender and Chief advised that no one had reason to be inside the establishment if they were not conducting business and with the information received and the fact that offender and other people were inside the establishment, to advise offender to shut down and have everyone leave or he would be charged with operating a business without a license. Offender agreed to lock up and leave until he could get better clarification from City Hall and City Council, however he was upset the he was made to leave. Offender was advised that the establishment is shut down and should not reopen, and to speak to City Council. NOTE: The reason a business license was denied is due to the fact of a prior shooting at the business.
Officer was dispatched to Freedom St. in reference to complainant having a TPO against offender. C/p stated that offender keeps riding by her house harassing her and goes to the house beside hers. TPO states offender is ordered to stay at least 200 yards away from c/p. Offender stated her daughter lives across from c/p but was advised to have her daughter go to her son’s house until this is clarified with the judge that signed the order. Offender stated c/p has been riding by her house on Friendly Way harassing her also and the TPO works both ways.
Officer met with complainant at the SPD in reference to damage to his vehicle that had been parked at Citi Trends parking lot.
July 14
Officer was parked at Easy Stop in reference to obtaining more info in an earlier shoplifting case when he observed a vehicle turn into Easy Stop and park by the gas pump. Complainants are workers there and one went outside and told officer that the female parked at the gas pump goes in a lot and plays the machines and hangs out and that there are several meth heads known to him that go in and meet offender in the back and then they all go out acting crazy like they are on something. A few minutes later, offender came out of the store with an employee behind him, yelling at him, and offender stated he would move it. Officer got out of his patrol unit and asked what was going on. Employee stated she asked offender to move his car from the gas pumps because he cannot block the pumps and she stated to give him a few minutes and then she yelled at him because he wouldn’t move it. Officer recognized offender from a traffic stop the night before in which he was given a warning for operating an unregistered vehicle. Officer stated he also received info that offender was selling drugs out of his vehicle. Offender was given a citation for operating an unregistered vehicle.
Office3r was dispatched to East Stop in reference to shoplifting.
Victim went to SPD and stated that she and her kid’s father had words about money he was supposed to give her. Victim stated the verbal altercation turned physical and offender slapped her and she slapped him back. Victim stated offender then tried to close the vehicle door on her. Victim also stated this is not the first physical fight she has been in with offender.
Complainant went to SPD to report a lost tag.
Officers were dispatched to N. Coleman St. in reference to a verbal altercation. Upon arrival, officer met with complainant who stated that aggressor barged into his house and jumped on him. Several scratches were observed on his face, neck, and arm. C/p stated aggressor went to his residence and said she needed to get her shoes and he allowed her to get them, them started asking about some money. C/p stated that when he told her that he didn’t owe her money, she got angry and got in her vehicle and struck a tree with her vehicle. C/p then went inside thinking aggressor had left, then heard her walk in the house screaming about the money. C/p asked her to leave and she jumped on him and left just prior to officer’s arrival.
Officer took a report in reference to checks that had been stolen from mailboxes and complainant’s debit card being stolen. Complainant state he was in possession of some stolen checks that he wanted to t urn over and that the offender stole them out of mailboxes and was trying to cash them. C/p then stated he believed offender stole his debit card and was afraid she would use his app/account to mobile deposit stolen or forged checks and retrieve the funds. C/p also stated that offender had blank checks but did not know who they belonged to.
Officers were dispatched in reference to a down cable line for safely reason. 
Officers were dispatched in reference to a person being shot. When the officers got there, a male subject was sitting outside on the ground beside a pool of blood. There was what appeared to be a bullet entry wound on the left side of the male’s neck/head area and another entry wound on his right shoulder with a lot of blood on the temple and hairline. He was transported out by EMS. Officers spoke with a witness and she stated that she heard an argument over a card game and looked out the window and saw men arguing. She stated that one of the men pulled out a pistol and fired three rounds at the other man. The man who shot then took off on foot. Another witness stated she was inside cleaning up and heard multiple gun shots and came outside to see what was going on and called 911. She also stated that she saw the two men playing cards before the shooting. The officers found two of the shell casings, but could not locate the third shell casing. The male was transported to the hospital and was still alive at the time of arrival to that hospital.


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