SPD 04-07-21


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…
March 26
Officer was stopped at the stop sign on S. Coleman St. facing south at the intersection of Lambs Bridge Rd. There was a car in the turning lane on Lambs Bridge Rd. waiting to turn left onto S. Coleman St. Offender’s vehicle was traveling east on Lambs Bridge Rd. in the straight lane and turned left onto S. Coleman St. in front of the car waiting to turn. Officer initiated his blue lights and the vehicle pulled over. Officer introduced himself to the driver, and the driver gave his ID card. Officer asked for his drivers license and was told that they were suspended.
SPD was conducting a license check on Hwy 56 N. and Anderson Dr. Officer asked offender for his license and he provided an ID card. Officer went back to his patrol car and ran his ID to find his license were suspended.
Officer was patrolling when he was contacted that offender was currently in possession of crystal meth. SPD Drug Unit had cases in the past where offender had been in possession of crystal meth and even made controlled purchases of crystal meth from him. Officer stated offender was gone from his residence on a 4-wheeler and that the meth would be on the shifter handle cover on the left side near the rider’s foot. There was no knowledge of when offender would be returning back to his residence or where he currently was. Officer continued to patrol until coming in contact with offender. Upon making contact with offender, officer explained that he could not be riding the 4-wheeler on state right of way. He also explained that he could ride his 4-wheeler on city streets but only if he had driver’s license but his license are suspended. During the conversation, officer noticed that offender was chewing o her lips and had ridged muscles. Offender also appeared to be a little more excited than other times that officer has spoken with him. This led officer to believe offender was currently using meth and that offender had a fourth amendment waiver in place from his past cases. Officer asked offender if he had any illegal drugs on the 4-wheeler or on his person and offender stated that he did not have anything. Officer then told offender to step off the 4-wheeler for a search of his person. Officer observed a clear plastic bag filled with a green leafy substance before he even started searching offender. Suspected marijuana was removed from offender’s person. A pink short piece of straw was also located. Officer then searched the 4-wheeler and found two small plastic bags filled with a crystal-like substance.
Vehicle was traveling on N. Anderson Dr. when a vehicle noticed a road check and turned into the Health Dept. Officer then made contact with vehicle due to the business being closed. As officer was pulling in, the vehicle was backing into a parking spot. Officer then made contact with the driver and asked for his license. He could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle with three individuals in it. While waiting for another unit to arrive, officer noticed loose tobacco all in the back seat. When back-up arrived, officer asked the driver to step out of his vehicle. The other officer got the passengers out of the vehicle, and while searching the vehicle, a small plastic bag was found in between the driver’s seat and the center console with a green leafy substance, and the driver stated that it was his. Officer then ran offender’s info to find that he was wanted out of Toombs County.
During a road block, officer made contact with offender to find his license were suspended.
During a road block, offender stated he did not have a drivers license.
Offender went through a road block and when asked for his license, he provided an ID card. Officer then ran his info to find that they were suspended.
March 27
Officer met a vehicle with a headlight out, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. When making contact with offender, officer asked for the driver’s license and offender stated he did not have them on him. Officer then gathered his info and found his license were suspended.
Officer met a vehicle half-way in the center turning lane. When officer turned around and began following the vehicle, the driver immediately turned left. Officer observed the vehicle cross over the yellow center line once before getting to the stop sign. The vehicle then crossed over the yellow center lane again before making it to the red light. Officer then activated his emergency equipment and conducted a traffic stop dur to failure to maintain lane. Officer approached the vehicle and the driver was smoking a cigar that she had just lit, and had on very little clothing, so he called for back-up. Once back-up arrived, officer asked the driver to step out of her vehicle and he could smell alcohol coming from her person. A field sobriety was done and failed.
Officer was approached by complainant who stated his vehicle was struck by another vehicle, causing damage to the rear passenger side quarter panel. Officer was dispatched to Abundance St. in reference to complainant stating his ex-girlfriend had been harassing him over his stimulus check that was supposed to go to his house because that’s where she use to stay. C/o stated he told offender that when her check came in, he was going to take it to the Post Office. Offender stated that she continued to harass him and stated she was going to call the police on him for taking her check. Officer tried to speak with offender via phone and she hung up in his face.
March 28
Officers were dispatched to Happiness Dr. in reference to gun shots. While in route, 911 advised that they had just received another call about gun shots in the area. Upon arrival, officer observed a male subject walk from the back yard of the address and was pulling ear plugs our of his ears. Officer approached the subject and asked if he had been shooting any guns in his backyard and he advised he was. Officer then informed subject that the city has an ordinance about discharging a firearm inside the city limits.
Officer noticed a vehicle approach the intersection and slow down, but did not stop. Officer then caught up with offender and activated his emergency equipment to conduct a traffic stop. Once making contact with offender, he gave him his license and during the check, it was found that they were suspended.
Officer observed a vehicle approach the intersection and slow down, but did not stop. Officer then caught up with offender and activated his emergency equipment to conduct a traffic stop. Once making contact with offender, he gave him his license and during the check, it was found that they were suspended.
Officer responded to Pughsley St. in reference to complainant stating that her son’s girlfriend had been sneaking and spending the night at her house with her son. C/o stated that she has asked offender to leave several times and she refused, and became very disrespectful towards her. Offender had already left the scene when officer arrived.
March 29
Officer was dispatched to Pughsley St. in reference to an unwanted person. Upon arrival, complainant stated her son was bringing the offender over to her residence without her permission and she has told offender on several occasions that she is not allowed at the residence.
Offender was issued a criminal trespass warning.
Officers were dispatched to West St. in reference to a dispute between two brothers. Upon arrival, complainant stated that he and his brother share the listed residence and that he hung a curtain in the living room door way to help with containing the heat inside the area and offender tore it down a scratched c/o during the process. Offender stated his brother wanted to hang the curtain in order to better sneak people into the shared residence.
Officer responded to Canoochee Rd. in reference to several males in the area fighting. Upon arrival, officer met with complainant who was yelling and pointing as patrol units exited their vehicles. C/o was not very cooperative with patrol units and advised that he didn’t want a report and didn’t want anything documented. Officer advised c/o that a report would be done for information purposes due to patrol units being sent to the area in reference to a physical altercation. C/o then advised that an unknown male that he has seen before stopped a vehicle in front of his residence, exited his vehicle, and hit him in the nose with a closed fist. The male subject then allegedly got into the vehicle and left the location and was gone prior to officers’ arrival. C/o refused any medical treatment, and there were no visible injuries to the facial area.
Officer was dispatched to Gumlog Rd. in reference to complainant wanting someone out of her house. Upon arrival, officer asked how long offender had been living at the residence and was informed that he had been there for appx. 1 year. Officer advised c/o that offender was a residence there and that he could not make him leave. C/o then informed officer that offender had left with the key and she wanted it back. C/o informed officers there was a AR15 inside the house and when the officer looked for it, it was no longer there. Offender stated he got rid of the rifle appx. A month prior and c/o stated she wanted to report the gun stolen as the weapon was registered to her. Officer then asked c/o for the information on the rifle and she advised she did not know it and that she would have to get it from where she purchased it. C/o stated the rifle was bought for her in her name and that offender was not able to have the weapon. When officer asked offender about the weapon, he stated he could get it back for her if she wanted it.
Officer responded to Richard St. to a report of a lost or mislaid hand gun. Upon arrival, officer spoke with complainant who stated that he left the pistol in the holster on the rail of his trailer that he was pulling behind his vehicle and went to the dumpsters off of Fairground Rd. C/o further stated that when he got to the dumpsters, he realized that he had left the gun on the trailer and when he didn’t find it, he retraced his path of travel but did not see it anywhere.
Officer was dispatched toking Circle Dr. in reference to someone dumping illegally. Upon arrival, officer made contact with complainant who walked the officer to the rear of his fenced in yard and there was grease and yellow rice dumped in a pile in his yard.
Officer responded to Happiness Dr. in reference to a dog at large attacking subjects at the location. Upon arrival, officer met with complainant who advised that he was doing yard work at the residence and while cutting the grass, a bulldog approached him in an aggressive manner. C/o advised that a pocket knife was then swung towards the dog in an attempt to get it away from him. C/o stated that he did not know if contact was made with the knife and dog but the dog then allegedly left the area running up Canoochee Rd. Animal control was contacted and the dog was located.
Patrol units responded to Pratt Ave. in reference to a dispute. Upon arrival, units met with complainant and offender. C/o stated she and offender had been arguing at their residence and he threatened to hit her so she told him to leave and took him to his mother’s house. Once they got to offender’s mother’s, offender grabbed their baby from the vehicle and would not give it back to the c/o. Patrol units defused the situation by speaking with both parties and advised c/o to take the baby and leave the residence as she was not welcomed at the offender’s mother’s residence.
Complainant went to the SPD to file a report that someone had damaged his vehicle.
March 30
Officer noticed a vehicle go around a vehicle that was stopped at the stop sign without stopping, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Once officer made contact with the driver, he asked for his license and offender stated he was trying to get home before his ice cream melted. Upon running offender’s info, it was found that he had suspended license.
Officer responded to Mist St. in reference to an individual wishing to obtain property from a residence. Contact was made with complainant who informed him that she was at the residence to pick up property and she and offender who owned the residence had been divorced since Oct, 2020. C/o advised that offender had changed the locks on the door and she could not get her property. Officer then advised c/o that she would need to get a writ of possession and make an appointment with the ECSO to go gather her belongings, as he was not able to escort her inside the property or allow her inside, being she was no longer living there. Officer knocked on the door and spoke with offender who advised that he told her she could gather her belongings, however, he did not want the people with her inside of his residence. While officer was standing there, offender advised c/o that she could grab her things as she knew what was hers. C/o refused and advised she would schedule an appointment to pick her things up with ECSO.
April 1
Officer was flagged down by a couple in the parking lot of EMC in reference to their daughter being stabbed. Officer was informed that their injured daughter was in the ER and that the stabbing occurred on West MLK BLVD. Officer then went to the ER and met with the victim who had 3 bloody puncture wounds on her left bicep consistent with stab wounds. Victim did not wish to disclose any information on what happened and instead insisted that she fell at Gumlog Park. After speaking further with the victim, she disclosed that she did not want anyone to get into trouble. She advised that she and her boyfriend got into an argument and she didn’t’ remember what happened afterwards. Victim further advised that she remembered looking down at her arm and seeing the blood and called her aunt to take her to the ER. Victim remained insistent that the incident occurred at Gumlog Park and there were no children present. Det. Spoke with victim and offender and advised for offender to be placed under arrest for aggravated assault.
Officer responded to WalMart in reference to shoplifters. Officer met with complainant who stated that offenders were caught at the self-checkout not scanning several items totaling $204.36. C/o and store manager advised that both offenders were in the store a few days ago trying to do the same thing.
Officer observed a vehicle pass him traveling south bound and her ran the tag to find that the insurance was unknown. After checking the tag, it was confirmed that the vehicle did not have valid insurance, at which time officer initiated a traffic stop.
April 2
Officer observed a vehicle approach a 4-way and failed to stop. Officer caught up with the vehicle, called in the tag, and initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle continued to travel at a slow speed until he reached a residence on Ben St. He bailed out of the vehicle running. Officer gave out a description of the driver and had 911 call the SPD K9 handler. When backup was in route, officer noticed a male matching the description. When he turned around to make contact, offender ran in the woods. K9 handler was able to make an arrest on offender.


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