SHS Class of 1949, 1950 holds annual reunion


Well, as they say in the business world, “Another Year in the Books.” This story though is not about the business world. This story is about a group of devoted, determined people from the Swainsboro High School Class of 1949 and 1950. To save you from getting out a calculator (or cell phone), that is 72 and 71 years past.

This devoted group met at Lynn & Bob’s restaurant on Saturday, October 16. As you can see in the above photo, the number of classmates able to make it were few, but the story is, They were There.

This group has had 2 class members that were at last year’s reunion pass away. Those members were Martha Youngblood Claxton and Eugene “Gene” Henry. Another classmate that passed away was Ronella Braswell Hobby. She wasn’t able to make the reunion last year They were truly missed.

This year for me was a reunion I will never forget because this is the first reunion I have had the honor of attending. It was wonderful to be able to sit back and observe. I observed a group of classmates that actually cared about each other. They asked about family. Tears were shed over the passing of the above-mentioned classmates. They laughed together. They were quick to point out annual pictures from well-worn annuals.

While they were laughing and sharing, I am almost certain I saw a spark in their eyes. A spark of youth that was still there from all those years past. It was as if their youth had revived.

When Mom, Mildred Usry Thompson, mentioned possibly not having the reunion next year due to age, etc., they voiced that if they were physically able, they needed to have the reunion next year!

So, I hope to be writing yet another article next year about this amazing, devoted, determined group of classmates. The Swainsboro High School Class of 1949 and 1950. Until then, “Another Class Reunion in the Books.” Well done class, well done.


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