Set off for an adventure with Kids Bike League!



June 18 was the beginning of a new summer tradition for the Twin City recreation department. Children of Emanuel County journeyed through the great outdoors on their bicycles while taking part in the community's newest summer camp, Kids Bike League. A camp in Twin City, where kids of all ages and experience levels can have the opportunity to get coached by seasoned mountain bikers.

“Mrs. Mary Charles Howard who works with Georgia Hi-Lo Trail, came up with this grand plan to get our Georgia kids out to enjoy mountain biking. She and a team of other mountain bike enthusiasts came up with the idea for a bike camp under the Kids Bike League program.” Twin City Recreation Director, Brent Freeman, explained.

The morning program lasts from 9 am until 11:30 am and uses the Georgia High-Lo Trail initiative of mountain biking as a tool to develop confidence and curiosity in our next generation of leaders by providing kids with an opportunity to ride trails, learn the mechanics of their bikes, and hike trails while learning about local plants and wildlife.

“We hope to use this program to get more of our community kids involved in their local parks and to give them an outdoor activity they can enjoy when the camp is over.” Freeman added, who began his career with the department in February as the Contracted Director, and has since been promoted to the full-time position of Recreation Director, after voting took place at the city's July council meeting:

“I was nervous at first about taking the position back in February. This was the last thing I thought I would be doing. God had other plans though. I have genuinely enjoyed my time so far. I have had such great support from our community.” He continued, “All the hard work is worth it when you see all the kids out on the fields enjoying playing baseball and softball together. Or when you see all the families come out and just enjoy the park, having meals, using the playground, and socializing. It makes me feel good to know I was a small part of that happening. I am excited about what the future holds.”

With his short time in this position, Freeman has tremendously improved the recreational opportunities, community development, and the overall quality of life within Emanuel County:

“I want to take all our parks and create opportunities and places for our community to come together. I want our parks to be something our town can be proud of. Places where they can host family events, take the kids to play, and just enjoy their time outside. We had such a great turnout this past year for our rec ball season. I want to work on improving our complex, both the facility and the experience.” He said.

We get very few summers in our lifetime that are filled with endless possibilities, imagination, and new discoveries, so while our children have this time in their lives to enjoy, give them the opportunity to make the most of it by enlisting them in this awesome program! Registration will end on July 20 followed by the last day of camp, which is July 22.

“We already have plans to be back next year and hope to see even more kids involved. With enough kids next year, we will be able to host a morning and evening session.” Freeman concluded.

If you’re interested in signing your child up for the Emanuel County Kids Bike League, you can register them online at All children should have access to resources that enable them to be healthy, develop self-confidence, and enjoy life. Emanuel County Kids Bike League program encompasses each of those traits and serves Georgia kids with a promise of a more fun and healthy tomorrow.


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