River Rats tour the Ogeechee once again


The River Rats have toured the Ogeechee once again. On Friday, April 21, 34 boats carrying 70 citizens who call themselves the River Rats, set off at the Bull Hole in Jenkins County to make their annual tour of the Ogeechee River. The duration of the tour lasted from Friday April 21 to Sunday, April 23, and ended at Kings Ferry in Chatham County. Money is raised by selling t-shirts, shotgun tickets and by participants getting sponsorships from businesses and individuals. The monetary response has always been overwhelming, but this year topped them all with the River Rats making history through their annual fundraiser and raising a substantial $52,000.

In January of each year, a charity is unanimously decided on to receive the funds raised from the River Rats Tour. The River Rats would like to take this opportunity to thank all their sponsors and look forward to their support in the future. If anyone would like to participate in next year’s tour, contact one of the River Rats. If approached by a River Rat to be a sponsor, remember all the money raised goes to a worthwhile cause.