This is about the time when we decided to improve our lifestyle and make some resolution. I am sure you gave the need for change as much thought as I did. So, how far are you along on the path of betterment? I had no problem choosing. My days will be more productive if I arise earlier. In order to do this and get enough sleep, I also must go to sleep earlier. The pattern is early to bed---early to rise makes you heathy, wealthy, and wise. That sounds like a bargain. I always keep a book by my bedside and read until I am ready for night-night. I set my bedtime at 8:30 which gave me time to read a few chapters and be asleep by 9 p.m. and wake at 6 a.m. after a good night of sleep. This did sound easy, but I did not include one flaw. Thirty minutes does not allow me to read one more chapter in a good book which leads to one more and even more. I do love to read! When I finally close the book and turn out the light, I have a new adversary. At a much later hour than planned, my eyes are wide open. I cannot shut out thoughts of the day. “I should have been more tactful”. A friend gave me a way to clear my mind. Rx: light off, soft pillow, comfy covers, peacefully recite: It is night after a long day: What has been done has been done. What has not been done has not been done. Let it Be. Cannot promise success, but seldom is better than none. Write to Shirley at