Question: How do I remove my phone number and address on Facebook?



Many people do not realize they put their address and phone number on Facebook when they set up the account. Now realizing how much information is widely spread on the Internet from Facebook accounts they want to remove that information. You may have set up your account a number of years ago and not remember whether you did or did not.

This information can be removed. I will now lead you thru the steps to find and remove that information

First sign on to Facebook.

At the top in the left corner is a down arrow (it is solid), press it and choose See Your Profile. You will now see your information. Just about all is editable and if you want to edit stuff click the pencil icon. I will continue on address and phone removal.

In the top right area of your page under your picture, click Edit Profile. At the bottom of the list (scroll down) choose Contact and Basic Information.

You are now on the page with your phone number. Beside it on the right is a lock and a pencil icon. Clicking the lock to lock it will make your phone number blocked from others. Using the pencil icon, you can change it or remove it. There will be a remove link when you go in to edit.

To remove or change your address go to your Facebook page and choose About.

Now choose Contact and Basic Information on left column. Choose Address and then remove the information in the boxes and click Save. (If you wanted to change just correct information and press Save.

These steps will allow you to remove your phone number and address. I did these steps as I wrote this in January 2022.

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