Question: How do I fix timed out messages on web pages?


Answer: Messages indicating web pages have timed out appearing repetitively often is that the Internet address assigned to your machine has problems. An occasional timed out message is not a problem and more like just the network between you and the server got congested or the server was temporarily overwhelmed.

The ipconfig command will allow you to reset your Internet IP address (yes if spell out the acronym we end up with double word, Internet Internet Protocol). Most of us are using IP addresses that are assigned by the DHCP protocol running on our modem/server and they are leased for usually eight days and then renewed automatically.

To use the ipconfig command, you will go to command prompt. The easiest way to get it is type cmd in the search box beside the Start button. You should see command prompt at top of list selected and when you click enter it will start command prompt. For those of you who have used computers since the early PCs in the 1980s the box will look like the DOS screen you used to use. For my younger readers, the box will look like the screens when you run Linux.

You will see a few words followed by a greater than sign (>). You will type at this point. The words tell you what folder on the computer it is working in. Type ipconfig /release and press enter. You will get a response that the IP address, etc. are now blank. You removed the address.

Now type ipconfig /renew and press enter. It will now get a new IP address from the DHCP server your modem/router at home). The address links have been restored also.

This will often solve the problem. If it does not, then you need to contact your ISP (Internet provider).

If you want to know what address you are using just type ipconfig and press enter.

The ipconfig command is not case sensitive so you can use upper or lower case letters or even mix them.

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