Question: How do I clear the cache in Chrome?



The cache is where the browser keeps items from web pages visited. These items can be there to remember what you did on web pages, what pages you visit, and copies of web pages visited. The first is cookies that will allow the page to open more personalized in future or other pages to know what you did so to offer similar stuff. The second allows the pages to show in the search bar after typing a few letters and not have to type whole address of pages previously visited. The third allow the pages (and images) to display more quickly using the old copy you saw before and then refreshing. Some pages block this last so always new like news pages.

The information in cache can use a lot of space or get outdated or have glitches appear in files and then cause problems in trying to view stuff on the web. For these reasons you may want to clear the cache occasionally, especially when things on web just not acting correctly.

In Chrome to clear the cache you will go to the button in the top right corner that has three period stacked vertically. Choose More Tools and then choose browsing data. Choose the items you want to clear. I usually do not clear browsing history so the addresses of sites I visit regularly pop up in address bar as I start typing. I do clear cookies and images and files normally. Then click Clear Data button. Depending on amount of stuff out there will cause speed it does it.

I usually clear cache about once-a-month uncles something happens and then clear then.

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