Notice is hereby given that the city of Swainsboro has levied upon the following property of DLRS Choice Enterprises to satisfy city taxes owing to the said city for the year(s) of: 2019 in the initial tax amount a $298.38 Amount could include additional cost and interest. This can only be calculated when tax is satisfied.

All that tract or parcel of land lying, situate and being in the 53rd G. M. District of Emanuel County, Georgia, designated as Lots 8 and 9 of  Block .”F” of the revised Plat of Lake Luck Subdivision,  prepared  by Frank J. Ford, Surveyor, which is recorded in Plat Book DR, Page 1B, of the records of the Office of Clerk, Emanuel Superior Court and further by that Plat recorded in Deed Book DR, Page 562. of the said Emanuel County Deed Records. Said Plats by reference hereto are incorporated therein for a more full, complete and accurate description of said property. Said property fronts 100 feet on the Eastern side of Advantage Lane and extends back between parallel lines for a distance of  200 feet. Said tract of land being bounded now or formerly as follows: North by lands of Dale T. Renfroe; East by lands of Thelma Waller Peebles; South by lands of Nelson Wilson, Jr.; and West by Advantage   Lane.

The above described tract of land is the same as that conveyed to Rodney K

Wilson from Creston  Federal Credit Union, on April 28, 1994, which is recorded in Deed Book 61, Page 84, of the Office of Clerk Emanuel Superior Court. (S06 019)



Said property will be sold before the courthouse doors in Emanuel County. Georgia on the first Tuesday in September 08, 2020, between the legal hours of sale in order to satisfy said tax this 8th day of September 2020. Tax Officer, City of Swainsboro