Nordson Tech Time Challenge comes to Emanuel County


You have learned about electromagnetic energy or the electromagnetic spectrum. Considering the world that we live in, please choose three types of waves from this spectrum and explain the impacts they have made on our population. Have they contributed in a positive way or negative way? If negative, please share how there might be ways to make changes in how they are used. Please include evidence to support your ideas.

This is the eighth-grade essay prompt that ECS students tackled during Nordson’s Tech Time Challenge. Through the collaboration of ELA and Science classes at Emanuel County Institute and Swainsboro Middle School, sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students completed essays using research in the areas of Science, Technology, Math, Arts, and Sciences (STEAM).

The Nordson Tech Time Team held an assembly at each school to engage all students in fun games to showcase students’ STEAM knowledge and expose them to STEAM careers. Students participating received lots of prizes, including Amazon gift cards and T-shirts. All students in attendance received earbuds. The culminating event was the announcement of three grand prize essay winners from each school, who received an iPad.

Sixth-grade winners are Tatum Matthews (ECI) and Karlie Bettencourtt (SMS), seventh-grade winners are Avery Snellgrove (ECI) and Jada Wilkerson (SMS), and the eighth-grade winners are Slayden Lanigan (ECI) and Grayson Brasswell (SMS).

Nordson Corporation has been an outstanding partner in Emanuel County Schools. They have dedicated their time, energy, and resources to expose our students to the world of STEAM careers.