No dogs in Heaven?


They say how glorious Heaven is going to be, streets paved with pure gold, and walls of Jasper adorned with precious stones are just a few things that will be pleasing to our earthly eyes. Spiritual music will fill the sweet-scented air as angels proclaim the glory of God on his eternal throne.

We have always believed Bible scholars that man has a soul and they’ll be a lake of fire for non-believers at judgement time, but you’ll never convince me that man’s best friend, the dog, won’t be around roaming those streets of gold and spreading joy and happiness with his now judgmental demeanor and with his warm tongue on your unsuspecting hand.

I expect my little pooch will go to talking any day now. Neighbors say my terrier is well-trained and I should take pride in it. Nothing could be further from the truth! He trained himself without any help from me. I purchased pee-pads, and he never used them once - he always begged to go outside. He brings his toys in and will give you doggy kisses without your asking. He is so well-mannered and never makes a mess in our house. He is tidier and cleaner than I am, which is saying a lot. God surely blessed my sister and me because there is so much hate in the world today, and He gives us unconditional love which is truly “Heaven sent”.