New school year welcomes new administration


New school year welcomes new administration

Meet Emanuel County Schools’ newly appointed seven

Monday, August 2, will mark the first day of the 2021-2022 school year for students in the Emanuel County School System. With less than three weeks remaining of summer break, the school district anticipates a more-normal school year on the horizon with some minor, yet major, changes to be expected. Emanuel County Board of Education announced its appointment of Scotty Hattaway as Emanuel County Schools superintendent in the recent months and has since made additional changes within the district’s administration.

Central Office

Dr. Warnock takes district

Dr. Denise Bryant Warnock, Ed.D., is Emanuel County Schools’ new assistant superintendent. She was appointed to her new position by board members following the retirement of her predecessor, Toni Terwilliger, effective last month.

Although Dr. Warnock’s first career was in banking and finance, she has been an educator since 1994 and has served the local school district for quite some time. During the beginning of her career with Emanuel County Schools, she dedicated 13 rewarding years as classroom teacher before moving into administrative support roles at Swainsboro Middle and Swainsboro High Schools. Dr. Warnock became assistant principal at Swainsboro Middle School in 2010, and later, in 2012, became Swainsboro High School’s principal where she served until her recent appointment as assistant superintendent.

Dr. Warnock holds an extensive education background and has earned bachelor, master, and specialist degrees. Her most recent degree, a doctorate degree in education administration, was achieved in 2015 from Georgia Southern University, where she obtained her other degrees as well.

A native of South Georgia, Dr. Warnock has proudly called Swainsboro-Emanuel County home for most of her adult life. She and her husband, Ken Warnock, have been married for more than 24 years and have one son, Cameron, who is currently engaged and completing an electrical engineering degree this fall.

“I am humbled, honored, and excited to serve as the new Assistant Superintendent for Emanuel County Schools.  Experience has taught me every student can experience growth through personalized learning under the guidance of a teacher who has faith in that student's success.  As an educational leader, it has always been my duty to serve our students by providing support to our teachers.  In my new role, I look forward to working with Superintendent Hattaway and the central office staff to provide support to our district's school leaders and teachers so that together we grow our student and help them be successful in school and life.”

Swainsboro High School

Andrews levels up

Assuming the roles of Swainsboro High School principal for the upcoming school year will be Brandon Andrews. Principal Andrews began his career with Emanuel County Schools in 2017 and served as SHS assistant principal until his recent promotion. Prior to his employment with Emanuel County Schools, Principal Andrews was employed by school systems in Monroe, Bibb, Lamar and Ware counties.

When asked for comments pertaining to his recent promotion, Principal Andrews feels confident in being a qualified candidate to assume the roles of school principal and is excited to start the new school year in his new leadership role.

“God does not called those who are quailed. God qualifies those who are called”. “Easiness is a greater threat to progress than hardship. Without commitment, you will never start. Without consistency, you will never finish. Complacency shall not dwell in this house!!! For our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, is not, was not, and will never be a complacent God, Principal Andrews stated. “My goal is to serve our students, faculty, staff, and community to reach their maximum potential to achieve ultimate success.”

Introducing the new APs-Moses and Sconyers

Swainsboro High School welcomes two new assistant principals to its administrative staff this school year – Jonathan Moses and Lindsey Hendrix Sconyers.

Assistant Principal Moses is a former social studies teacher and coach for high schools in Jefferson County and Evans. He holds a history/secondary education BA degree obtained from Augusta University and a MA in educational leadership degree from Georgia College and State University.

“My lovely wife is Daphne Moses and we have been married for 12 years. I love watching sports, spending time with my wife and family, traveling, and being an educator.

It's an honor to be able to return home and serve as one of the assistant principals at Swainsboro High School. I would like to thank Superintendent Mr. Hattaway and the Emanuel County B.O.E. for making this opportunity possible. I look forward to working with all of the staff at Swainsboro High School and all of the communities in Emanuel County,”

Assistant Principal Sconyers began her career as a mathematics teacher with Emanuel County Schools 14 years ago. She instructed eighth grade Swainsboro Middle School students during her first seven years of employment with the local school district and has instructed math to Swainsboro High School students in the most recent years as well as serve as SHS mathematics department chair for three years.

During her seven years at SMS, Assistant Principal Sconyers served on the School Improvement Leadership Team (SILT), was a grade level chair, and coached softball. She also served as the school’s athletic director before her transfer to SHS. As a Swansboro High educator, Assistant Principal Sconyers continued to stay active by serving on the school’s two Organizational Management Teams (OMT) and the School Improvement Leadership Teams (SILT).

“I am what can be described as a ‘Transplant Tiger’. I may not have graduated from SHS, but I have fully embraced the concept of ‘Once a Tiger, always a Tiger’ over the last 14 years,” Assistant Principal Sconyers stated.

Assistant Principal Sconyers is the wife of Ted Sconyers. The Sconyers have been married for 15 years and have two children, Emma and Colt. Emma is enrolled in the seventh grade at SMS and is an active BETA club member and competition and football cheerleader. Colt is a rising fifth grade student at Swainsboro Elementary School and participates in travel baseball. When not traveling for cheer and baseball, Assistant Principal Sconyers and her family can be found sporting the black and gold of SHS at the school’s many athletic events.

“I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve the stakeholders of Emanuel County Schools in my new role as assistant principal of Swainsboro High School. Throughout my career, I have been lucky to have been mentored by the best educators and administrators in the state of Georgia. It is my greatest pleasure to be able to serve SHS in this capacity. I am excited for the chance to lead by example alongside our new principal, Mr. Brandon Andrews, and fellow assistant principal, Mr. Jonathon Moses.

My leadership philosophy is one based on collaboration, a shared vision of responsibility for learning, and servant’s heart. It is said that ‘People will not believe the message if they do not believe the messenger.’ I aspire to be an example of what it means to educate, lead, and live in a way that makes people believe that all students have the ability to learn essential skills needed to be successful and productive citizens of Emanuel County.“

Primary School

From Assistant Principal to Primary Principal – Ron Hirst

Swainsboro Primary School welcomes new Principal Ron Hirst this upcoming school year. Principal Hirst is the former athletic director and assistant principal for SHS. He holds an extensive 18-year employment background in education in both Florida and Georgia and has 17 years of coaching experience. Throughout his career, Principal Hirst has served seven years in administration, six years teaching and was a paraprofessional for five years. As a coach, Principal Hirst has served as head coach for baseball, basketball and girls soccer as well as assistant coach for baseball, football and swimming.

“I am humbled and honored to have been given the opportunity to serve as the next Principal of Swainsboro Primary School.  I am excited to join a passionate team of teachers and staff who love kids.  I look forward to serving the Swainsboro Primary School Community and creating a school culture that gives students a positive and exciting student experience,” Principal Hirst commented on the upcoming school year.

Principal Hirst is married to Jessica Hirst, Emanuel County Schools school to career coordinator. Together, they have five children, Ryan, 22; Jordan, 19; Clayton, 14; Payton, 11; and Vitabella, 1.

Welcome AP Tapley

The primary school also welcomes new Assistant Principal Sarah B. Tapley this year. Assistant

Principal Tapley began her career in education as a second grade teacher in Candler County in 2004. She obtained her master’s degree in elementary teaching in literary while employed at Candler County Schools. In 2017, Tapley transferred her employment to Emanuel County and began teaching second grade students at Swainsboro Primary School. She also instructed first grade students for many years before accepting her previous title of SPS instructional coach. Tapley served as school instructional coach for six years. During those years, she furthered her education by receiving a tier 1 educational leadership certification in August 2018. Tapley is currently pursuing an education specialist degree in educational leadership through Augusta University and will be completed in December 2021.

“I feel incredibly blessed to be able to serve as the Assistant Principal at Swainsboro Primary School. I am looking forward to working with the students, teachers, and parents of our community by providing educational support and resources to promote the achievement of all students,” Tapley stated.

Assistant Principal Tapley is the wife of Andy Tapley. The couple have been married for 20 years and have two sons, Caden and Cullen. Caden is a rising sophomore at SHS and Cullen will start seventh grade at SMS during the upcoming school year.

Adjustments in Alternative

Emanuel County Schools Alternative Education will also see a change in leadership this year. Dr. Dondrea L. Geter, former SPS assistant principal, will serve the district as head of alternative education.

Dr. Geter received his bachelor’s degree in interrelated special education from Georgia College & State University. He furthered his education by attending Cambridge College where he obtained a masters and specialist degree in general education and educational leadership before transferring his enrollment to Nova Southeastern University where he received a doctorate degree in organizational leadership.

Dr. Geter began his career as an interrelated special education teacher at Wilkinson, Wheeler and Dekalb County schools. He transferred his employment to Swainsboro and has served the capacity of SPS assistant principal I recent years.

“Service to others comes first! I want to continue to serve the children and parents of Emanuel County,” Dr. Geter states.

Stay tuned in for additional school news and information, including supplies lists, bus information, superintendent and principal letters and much more in The Forest-Blade’s annual Back to School publication to be distributed July 21.


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