Memory Lane: April 4, 2012


April 4 2012

Happy Easter

Two-year-old Khloe Moore is all ready for the annual hunt for Easter eggs! The daughter of Jonah Ware of Swainsboro and Ron Moore of Midvile, she’s ready to celebrate with the Easter bunny this weekend.

Eighth Graders Learn About Liquid Nitrogen

Dr. Paul Cerpovicz of East Georgia College recently visited Cindy Smith’s 8th grade physical science classes and presented a demonstration about liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere. Students learned that liquid nitrogen is a non-toxic, colorless, odorless clear substance that exists in a liquid state at an extremely low temperature. Because liquid nitrogen is so cold, it boils and produces a cloud vapor when exposed at room temperature. Dr. Cerpovicz showed how the cold affected an inflated balloon by making it shrink, causing flowers to freeze quickly, and throwing a racquetball so that it shattered and went thrown against the wall.