Melissa Sapp - DEA's first SOAR Teacher of the Year


David Emanuel Academy held their graduation ceremony Wednesday, May 17 at 6 p.m. Headmaster Haylee Free opened the program with the announcement of the first ever SOAR Teacher of the Year, Melissa Sapp.

This is what Headmaster Free had to say “Let’s begin today’s program with our first annual SOAR Teacher of the Year Award. First of all, thank you to our Board of Trustees, teachers, staff, administration, and parents for your support of this endeavor. The tremendous support we received to recognize and honor a servant leader within our school is a blessing. We appreciate you taking the time to vote…to encourage a member of our staff to keep shining…to be proud and to want to reward another human…to show gratitude…to pay it forward. Your vote secured an extra blessing to a member of our faculty. Doesn’t it feel good to bless another…to say how thankful you are for their hard work and dedication? We asked that you would, as a family, consider another human and their impact upon our school who shows dedication, integrity, leadership, and loyalty to DEA and to the students within - who has a positive attitude, is filled with spirit, respects and encourages our school, their peers, and our students-who acts professionally and promotes DEA and its vision-who SOARS above the call of duty? Your vote was tremendous. Your vote was clear. Although we have many that stand out in various described areas, there was one that stood out in your minds. This person does love DEA. This person does think of OTHERS before themselves. You’ll often receive a text asking if there is something needed for an event? Is there a way this person can help or chip in? Can this person work an extra shift? The staff member sends texts with ideas of how to make the children smile, how to grow staff moral, how to help our school shine brighter and how to promote our children in even more ways than we already do. You can catch them picking up trash as they’re cutting across the playground - when they think nobody is looking. You will hear this person defend and protect our school and the people within. This person’s positive attitude and spirit lightens moods, brightens days, and casts a light of friendliness to all. Does this person promote DEA? You betcha. I’ve heard from many that this person shouts the good news of DEA to any that will listen. This person definitely SOARS above the call of duty and you have obviously witnessed it yourself. Today, this exemplary human will receive a $2500 love offering from DEA. I pray that the award is well received by everyone and that this is seen as a gift of gratitude. Remember, there are many that shine in various areas and there is nothing but many more years ahead. I hope this moment here, now, will plant a seed of gratitude within the hearts of all. I’m thankful for our Board of Trustees seeing the need and assisting with the way of showering gratitude to our teachers. We’re thankful for all of our educators. We started this award as a way of adding an extra blessing to our staff-to recognize and encourage all of the supporters of DEA. Today marks the first of many more recognitions. As voted on by the teachers, staff, administration, Board of Trustees and the parents of David Emanuel Academy, today, we want to congratulate and award Miss Melissa Sapp - a lover of children, a human with a giving heart, and a person filled with a passion to help DEA be the best it can be. Congratulations, Melissa! You have SOARED high sweet friend.”