McNure crowned Miss DEA


David Emanuel Academy held its Miss DEA pageant Saturday, September 16, at 2 p.m. The winners were as follows:

Little Miss – Braylee Williams; 1st runner-up - Eloise Peterson; 2nd runner-up - Lily Dunn; 3rd runner-up - Robbi Ann Faircloth

Little Miss Princess – Kati Kirkland; 1st runner-up - Jenna Jukes; 2nd runner-up - Lyndi Simmons

Tiny Miss – McKenleigh Tankersley; 1st runner-up - Adah Way; 2nd runner-up - Harper Canady

Young Miss – Farrah Williamson; 1st runner-up - Bethany Henry; 2nd runner-up - Ayslin O'Keefe

Junior Miss – Lexa Jukes; 1st runner-up - Loralee Scarboro; 2nd runner-up - Scout Hall

Miss DEA – Bailey McNure; 1st runner-up - Kyli Bell; 2nd runner-up - Hope Goodman

Little Mr. - Rhett Everett; 1st runner-up - Waylan Turner

Candidates also received recognition for the following: Kyli Bell - Miss Congeniality; Bailey McNure - Miss Photogenic; Sophie Young - People's Choice (Not pictured)