Mayor Bennett guest speaker at Glad Garden Club


On Monday, February 13, 2023, the Glad Garden Club met at the beautiful Sudie A. Fulford Community Learning Center. Members were privileged to have Greg Bennett, the Mayor of Swainsboro, as their guest speaker. Mayor Bennett gave a presentation unveiling his future plans for the City. Being Mayor of the Crossroads of the Great South can be an emotionally draining yet rewarding job. Coordinating the wants and needs of everything from the City Council to the Police Department to the Parks and Recreation Department, requires stamina and a keen sense of priorities and personalities.

Club Members were excited to hear the news of a new company moving to Swainsboro that will potentially create 400 jobs for locals. There are plans for a new middle- and low-income housing development sub-division that isn’t involved with government housing but private housing. A new steakhouse restaurant, men's clothing store, women's clothing store and even the redoing of City Hall are all anticipated. Swainsboro has a bright and prosperous future with Mayor Bennett. Members were very appreciative of the mayor for taking time from his busy schedule to chat with them and shared a thank you to him before moving to the next item on the agenda.

Jeanette Hall along with Audrey West reported new plantings at their Butterfly Garden in Veterans and First Responders Memorial Park. There was also a discussion held at length, on the anticipated participation in the upcoming Pinetree Festival. Sherri Clifton and Thomasene Flanders offered ideas for their annual fundraiser. Raffle was won by Jeanette Hall of a beautiful Charcuterie board along with hot pads and bowl with a Sunflower theme. A Lifetime Membership Award along with a dozen red roses and a card of appreciation was presented to Gloria Mason who has been a faithful member and supporter of the garden club for 41 years. Meeting adjourned to Leanna's for lunch.

On February 14, 2023, Glad Garden Club participated in the planting of a live Christmas tree in Veterans and First Responders Park. Exciting decorations are planned for not only Christmastime viewing but year-round lighting up of the area and park. Hopefully this will bring attention to the area by not only citizens but visitors to our great city honoring the veterans who gave their lives for our country.