Letter to the Editor: The Inconvenient Truth


Dear Editor:

For many years I have been an avid reader of The Forest Blade. Dick Yarbrough's Editorial Opinions have been a humorous account of almost forgotten times and informative on many past and current political subjects for many years. Lately, Mr. Yarbroughs column has taken on a bitter and vindictive tone devoid of humor. Mr. Yarbrough has never attempted to hide his intense dislike of David and Sonny Perdue. His contempt for Donald Trump is well documented. To be fair Mr. Yarbrough's words do not have to be based on facts since Editorial Opinion columns are in fact opinions. However, many of us take great exception to his words from April 20, 2022. He stated "If it ain't broke, why do we need David Perdue to fix it." Really?

The so called wise counsel of the powerful political establishment tells us to move on and forget the Georgia 2020 Election Fiasco. For many people of good conscience who have spent a lifetime being responsible and accountable for ALL of their actions this is beyond ridiculous . This was not a first grade class election in elementary school. It was the most important election in Georgia history. Two U.S. Senate seats and the Presidential contest were on the ballot at the same time. You would think our top elected officials would be extra vigilant at such an important moment in time. Instead, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger enters into a probable illegal consent decree with Stacey Abrams that will forever define "The Power of Stupid." Governor Brian Kemp was absent with pay during this legal nightmare. The state election board betrayed the public trust with monumental mistakes. Combine this with the new voting machines that cost Georgia taxpayers over 100 million dollars and you have to wonder "Who's Minding The Store?" Keep in mind that our top election officials were warned in advance that these machines were as safe and secure as a child with a plastic safety helmet riding a tricycle on I-75 during rush hour. For well over a year Governor Brian Kemp has been protected by his professional handlers and consultants with perfection. They have managed to shield him from the very slow release of voter fraud evidence up to now. That could change very quickly. Unfortunately for them Brian Kemp had to stand alone on the debate stage in Savannah, Georgia on April 21 st. Kemp looked like a deer caught in headlights. Even a professional politician and debater with 20 plus years experience could not defend himself against the harsh reality of his failure to stand up for millions of honest and legal Georgia voters. He continues to betray us in 2022. Ask Governor Kemp why he was quoted in January as saying" I don't feel it was necessary to further change election laws." Why did Kemp, Lt. Governor Duncan and a handful of elitist establishment politicians block House Bills 933, 1392 and 1464? If passed without exception they at least gave us a reasonable chance for an honest and fair election. To hear the words voter integrity come out of Brian Kemp's mouth is an absolute oxymoron! The sad fact is if you truly listen to the working class voters in Georgia you realize Brian Kemp is a flawed candidate. When you combine this with his failure to attract women voters in the suburbs you reach the sad realization he more likely than not will lose to Stacey Abrams. This is unacceptable!

David Perdue is not an attention seeker but a disciplined problem solver. He never has and never will betray our trust! David Perdue has a unique ability to listen and understand our concerns. David Perdue can and will defeat Stacey Abrams if we are smart enough to vote our convictions on May 24th •Of one thing you should have no doubt David Perdue will give us public

service not lip service!

Benny Bowen


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