Letter from Dr. Cedric E. Porter, MD


Dear Community,
Since I last spoke to you about the health crisis with coronavirus, much has happened, and I felt the urgent need to speak again. Too many people, family, friends, loved ones, work colleagues, and students have been sickened or have died! In all my 36 years of being a doctor, I’ve never seen anything inflict so much damage like this virus! I’ve seen pneumonia, heart attacks and heart failure, kidney failure, blood clots hitting the lungs, mental status changes from brain infection, long term physical weakness, and permanent lung damage. Despite this, I see leaders of our schools, community, and churches act like nothing is happening, no need to change!
How many more must die before we become mature and responsible? How many more kids, teachers, and school works must get seriously ill before we truly follow CDC guidelines strictly, instead of pitiful lip service? Spread out, require wearing masks, contact trace, and send home those who have been in direct contact with infected individuals!
Any to my church colleagues, I say this, “When Christ was on the Earth preaching, Stephen, a close follower, and John, the Baptist, were killed! Don’t think that because you love God you can’t be hurt or killed! Use the brain that God gave us, and use wisdom!”
Let’s show our care and love for on another by following health guidelines. I’ve seen many entire families sickened recently and some have died; so have you! Let’s work together and save lives!
Thank you,
Cedric E. Porter, MD


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