Legals: June 23, 2021


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…
June 13
Complainant stated she struck a deer on Hwy 57 causing moderate damage to her vehicle.
June 14
Deputy responded to Payton Rd. in reference to an alarm call. Upon arrival, deputy made contact with the homeowner who stated he tripped the alarm by entering his home.
Complainant stated she struck a deer on Old Nunez Rd. causing moderate damage to the front end of her vehicle.
Complainant went to the SO to make a report about her friend going into her wallet and getting her debit card, then going to the ATM and getting $100 from her account without her permission. Offender claimed that she found the debit car in her vehicle.
Complainant identified herself as being a counselor in Lyons and stated offender threatened to put a bullet in victim’s head. Cc/o believed the victim to be in FL.
Deputies assisted SPD with traffic control on a two-vehicle accident with injuries on W. Moring St.
Deputies responded to Canoochee Bypass in reference to a domestic.
June 15
Deputy arrived at the DCS office at the request of DCS officer in reference to a wanted person. Offender was taken into custody without incident.
Deputies arrived at the DCS office for the purpose of taking offender into custody for parole violation. Offender was taken into custody without incident. Possible further charges pending due to a report the day prior.
Deputies responded to Hwy 57 E. in reference to a male knocking on complainant’s door and looking through the windows. C/o was home alone with a child. Upon arrival, witnesses advised that offender was seen driving down Mt. Shady Rd. and deputies were able to make contact with offender. Offender stated he was selling children’s books door to door, and stated he knocked several times but no one was home and admitted to peeking through the front door window. Offender also admitted that he should have not looked through the windows and advised he did wrong. C/o stated offender was knocking on her door and ringing the doorbell several times. C/o advised that the offender preceded to look through her windows, turning the door knob, went to several windows, and to the back door and continued to knock on them. Witness also stated she saw offender knocking at her neighbor’s house then rushed to her sister’s house to check on her nephews and offender pulled in behind her. Offender was taken into custody for prowling.
June 15
Deputy responded to Hwy 297 for a theft report. Upon arrival, deputy met with victim who stated his mower trailer had been stolen. He stated he left it there on 6/15 and when returned on 6/16, it was gone.
June 16
Deputy met with witness at West Side One Stop in reference to a deer collision.
June 17
Deputy responded to Old Wadley Rd. for an elderly male unconscious and not breathing. Deputy arrived on scene with EMS and they assessed the patient. Victim was deceased shortly after arrival.
June 18
Deputies responded to I16 in reference to a single vehicle accident with unknown injuries. Upon arrival, driver and vehicle were located about 150 feet into the woods with no injuries reported. Deputies noticed the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the driver and advised GSP upon arrival. GSP worked the accident and the vehicle was towed.
Deputy observed a vehicle speeding on US 1 N. Both driver and passenger were placed under arrest after further investigation.
Complainant stated someone shot his front door. Upon arriving on scene, it did appear that someone did shoot the glass out on the front door with a BB gun or pellet rifle. C/o stated it may stem from a verbal altercation he had a few weeks back with a group of people riding ATVs on his property.
June 19
Deputies were dispatched to Ehrlich Farm Rd. in reference to an alarm. Motion was advised to b e in the living room. Upon arriving, a locked gate was found at the end of the driveway preventing deputies from continuing to the residence.
Deputy responded to Jukes Rd. in reference to a tractor trailer that appeared to be disabled and partially obstructing the north bound travel lane. Deputy rode to the Jefferson/Emanuel line and had negative contact with any disabled vehicle.
Deputies responded to Sunfish Ln. in reference to a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, deputy met with offender who stated he and his wife are separating and he tried to leave but couldn’t’ because his wife had his cellphone and the key to his vehicle. Offender further stated if he could get his phone and key, that he would leave. Both parties advised deputies that the dispute never escalated to being physical. Deputies then spoke with offender’s wife and assisted with the property exchange between the two.
Deputies were dispatched to Buckwill Dr. in reference to complainant finding a firearm on the property that he wished to turn over to ECSO.
Deputies responded to Canoochee-Garfield Rd. in reference to a single vehicle accident that crashed into a pond with unknown injuries. Upon arrival, first responders advised that the driver was intoxicated and left the scene prior to their arrival. Deputies and GSP went to the driver’s residence and took him into custody. GSP worked the accident and the vehicle was towed.
June 20
Deputies assisted SPD with a two-vehicle accident with injuries on King Circle Dr. GSP was requested for accident investigation. EMS transported injured victim for treatment.
Deputies were dispatched to Longbay Dr. in reference to complainant receiving harassing text messages.
Deputies assisted GSP with a two-vehicle MVA.
Deputies assisted GDOT with traffic control while they removed a tree that was blocking both lanes of travel.
Deputies responded to Hwy 46 E. in reference to a cow in the roadway. Upon arrival, deputies met with complainant and advised that a neighbor was able to run the cow off the roadway and into another field. Deputies were advised where the owner of the cow lived and an attempt was made to contact the owner but the gate entering the driveway was locked and deputies were not able to make contact.
Deputy responded to Dellwood Baptist Church in reference to an alarm showing dining hall motion. Upon arrival, deputy located an open door that led into the social/dining hall and made entry into the building and cleared it to make sure the building was empty. While clearing the building, deputy did not observe anything of value to be missing. It appeared as if all of the church’s electronics and music equipment was still in place and had not been disturbed.
Deputies received a BOLO from dispatch in reference to a case from Soperton PD involving suspects in a stolen gun case. Deputies advised that offenders, along with two other males, were enroute to a club in Swainsboro and what they were traveling in. Offenders were believed to have stolen a 9mm handgun and were also associated with MPL gang and had other firearms in the vehicle.
Deputies responded to New Hope Church Rd. for a single vehicle accident with injuries. Deputies assessed the collision and called for GSP. EMS and Fire arrived on scene and began working on patients. GSP arrived on scene and worked the collision.