Last year, best year


I have been a student at David Emanuel Academy since the second grade, and ever since my first day there, I knew I had acquired countless friends-turned-family members. This little school has the most welcoming environment and some of the best staff members to walk this planet. The memories this place has left me will last a lifetime.

Ever since my first day of second grade, I have kept the same lifelong friends that have held a special place in my heart since. I am lucky to have had amazing teachers who cared to make every student feel special and loved. Each one of their classes have left behind core memories in my head. Elementary school was great, and Miss Jones, Miss Kate, and Miss Cheryl made sure it stayed that way. We always had fun, and they did the best job at preparing us for middle school, and though it was hard to leave them, it was time to move forward.

Middle school is a big step in a kid's life, even if you are just moving from one building to another. This meant we could finally play sports and be like “the big kids”. Coach Clint Inman took on the DEA middle and high school football teams when I was in fifth grade, and he has stuck by us ever since. I joined the cheerleading squad during my sixth grade year, and even in middle school, we had what you would call a “dream team”. Our boys were amazing on the field, and we cheered them to victory several times. We had teachers that supported us in everything we did, and did an awesome job preparing us for our next big step, high school. We didn’t know it then, but high school would become the best years of our lives.

The beginning of freshman year was a blast. We had a good football team that made it to the state playoffs and made many memories throughout the year. Though we had fun, our year was cut short due to Covid. When returning to school for sophomore year, masks were mandatory and we had to sit one seat apart in the lunchroom. We made the best of it and Covid began to die down as time went by. Our football team was amazing then too, we even made it to the state championship, but fell short in the end. When junior year came along, we were back to normal and had another amazing football season, where we made it to the playoffs yet again. Our varsity softball team brought home a State Championship title also. Though all of these years were great, nothing will compare to what I’ve experienced so far in my senior year. Our little school has accomplished so much, and I am proud to say that we are now your 2022 GIAA 8-man Football State Champions. For the first time in David Emanuel history, we have brought home the state title. There is no better way to end my high school career than to cheer on those boys.

I will forever be grateful for David Emanuel Academy, the teachers, coaches, and other staff members. This place has a special spot in my heart forever. Thank you for some of the best years of my life, DEA. It is truly a place full of unforgettable people and memories.