Keep Emanuel Beautiful plans to expand anti-litter efforts in 2024


Keep Emanuel Beautiful (KEB) mission is to promote litter prevention, beautification, waste reduction, recycling and composting. All persons in the County are invited to join with KEB to help reduce litter on our roads and streets. Chairman Tony Hutcheson stated that “It is important that everyone participates so that we can live in a cleaner, more beautiful place.” All of our monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month and the public is welcomed to attend.

During 2024 we will expand promotional efforts to encourage people to stop littering. We will expand advertising and promotional efforts through local media, presentations to target groups and selective Operation Clean Sweep litter pickup projects. A measure of success will be to conduct litter surveys around the County. If we could document a 50% reduction in litter, everyone in Emanuel County would directly benefit and be very proud of such an achievement! The County spends over $120,000 of our taxpayer money each year to pick up litter on County & State paved roads. However, many heavily littered sites are on or along unpaved roads that need to be addressed.

We will soon install billboards to display the message as well as placement of campaign type signs along major roads in the County. Each sign will contain the following message “PLEASE STOP LITTERING, KEEP EMANUEL BEAUTIFUL.” Uncle Birdie, our mascot will help reinforce the anti-litter message.

Many service groups have a mission complementary to that of KEB, such as civic groups, garden clubs and school clubs. Any group that wants to help create a more beautiful area is welcomed to co-sponsor projects. An example would be to Adopt a section of street or roadway to pick up litter on a regular basis and promote anti-litter messages in that area. We will continue to call on local organizations to implement site specific anti-litter programs. Although the Code Enforcement Dept. of Emanuel County is not a part of KEB, the uniformed officers of that department work closely with Keep Emanuel Beautiful. Litter enforcement is part of the Emanuel County Code and is aggressively handled by Code Enforcement Officers and other Law Enforcement. Code enforcement is extremely important in support of KEB’s mission, and we greatly appreciate their work and support. Citizens are encouraged TO REPORT ANY ILLEGAL DUMPING OR LITTERING. Even though most people will respond favorably to encouragement and a positive message, unfortunately, some will only respond to prosecution.

KEB is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in cooperation with the Emanuel County Board of Commissioners. There are no dues to be paid! Contributions are tax deductible. Donations are accepted with the opportunity to designate where the money is to be spent. All you need to do to show your support is “TAKE THE PLEDGE” to participate in various programs and projects. Pledge cards are your proof of membership.

KEB is managed by a citizen board consisting of 10 to 12 people. Officers are as follows: Chairman Tony Hutcheson, George Elder Vice Chair, Deanna Ryan Secretary, Zack Proctor Treasurer. Directors include Jerome Bynes, Richard Claxton, Cathi Fredrickson, George Frix, Steve Graham, Tamera Gromala, Justin Morris, Stacey Scarboro, Charles Schwabe, Jim Sherrod, Elease Turner, Shari Watt and Lena White.