Just Pray


As I consult God for encouragement for his people, the word for the hour is, "Just Pray". While we hear of devastation all over the world, there is also unrest in the souls of many. Yes, the biggest war is still within our souls. When there are situations going on in your life, just pray.

When Peter and John went up to the temple to pray in Acts chapter three, there was a lame man at the gate asking for alms. He was laid there daily to petition people for his living. When Peter and John saw the man, Peter said, "Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have, give I thee. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.". Immediately the man gained strength and entered into the temple leaping and praising God.

Yes, the name of Jesus is above all other names. In Mark chapter eleven, Jesus encourages his disciples to pray. He said when you pray, believe and you shall have those things you ask for.

So, remember to just pray. When things are about to happen, pray. When there is trouble in your life, pray. When you are misunderstood, pray. When you are sick, pray. When you need instructions, pray.

Prayer gave Hannah a son in first Samuel chapter one. Prayer saved a city, Ninivah, in Jonah chapter three. Prayer relieved a widow of her debt in Luke 18:1-8.

In our home, we were raised by prayer. Prayer was the cornerstone for our family. We had family prayer every day. We sat at the table together to eat and our dad always prayed. We prayed at night before getting in bed. Every Sunday morning was prayer. Every business transaction was first taken in prayer.

So, remember to just pray. Pray about everything. Prayer still works.