January Food Service Establishment Inspection Reports


Listed below are Georgia Department of Public Health Food Service Establishment Inspection Reports for the month of January 2024, along with the violations:

Hardees – Score 82 B (1/9/24)

  • Observed no paper towels at hand sink (Corrected on-site)
  • Observed sani cloth bucket next to chicken station
  • Observed cheese slices on prep line being stored in a bin down in another bin of ice water not touching the bottom of the bin therefore not keeping the cheese cold (Corrected on-site)
  • Observed grease/grime/crumb accumulation all over kitchen and extremely dirty floor in back area around ice machine

  • Burger King – Score 99 A (1/9/24)

  • Observed ice scoop handle down in the ice (Corrected on-site)

  • McDonalds – Score 85 B (1/9/24)

  • Observed black mold build-up in ice machine
  • Observed cooler on line near grill out of temperature (Corrected on-site)
  • Observed dirty spoons used for stirring coffee being stored with clean spoons at coffee station (Corrected on-site)
  • Observed drink without lid on shelf next to clean dishes (Corrected on-site)

  • Leannas - Score 100 A (1/9/24)

    Subway - Score 96 A (1/9/24)

  • Observed sauce bottles being refilled/washed in hand sink up front

  • Little Caesars – Score 91 A (1/9/24)

  • Observed black grime encrusted on can opener
  • Observed no labeling on several bulk storage containers
  • Observed scoop handles down in toppings and scoops in spices without handles
  • Observed wet stacking dishes
  • Observed grime accumulation in front sink, on office supply shelves, on top of flour container, dust and bugs at ordering statin up front

  • Zaxby’s – Score 99 A (1/11/24)

  • Observed crumbs, debris around and behind equipment, dust accumulation on cords above hood

  • Huddle House – Score 95 A (1/29/24)

  • Observed unlabeled containers in WIC
  • Observed overfilled single serve dispensers
  • Observed crumbs under shelves in pantry area

  • Taco Bell - Score 96 A (1/29/24)

  • Observed unlabeled bulk storage containers
  • Observed overfilled cup dispensers