Jail List 9-14-22


The following persons have been booked into Emanuel County Jail, according to Emanuel County Sheriff Jeffrey Brewer, on warrants obtained by one of several local law enforcement agencies, designated by each name: Drug Task Force (DTF); Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI); Georgia Department of Pardons and Parole (GAPP); Georgia State Patrol (GSP); Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO); Swainsboro Police Dept. (SPD); Stillmore Police Dept. (SMPD); Twin City Police Department (TCPD); Garfield Police Dept. (GPD); Adrian Police Dept. (APD); Child Support Recovery Unit (CSRU); Intensive Probation Service (IPS); or Probation Office (PROB).

John Edward Marshall, entered 9/5/22; Theft/taking/Sexual exploit/Children; TCPD

Ayanna Makayla Smith, entered 9/5/22; Theft/shoplifting; released 9/5/22; SPD

Derrick Jerrod Walker, entered 9/5/22; Speeding 15-29 MPH over/DUI/alch; released 9/6/22; GSP

Tykerria Treyonna Moye, entered 9/5/22; Theft/shoplifting/Hold for out of county billing/Theft/shoplifting/Hold for out of county billing; released 9/7/22; SPD

Tysheana Quanshae Carswell, entered 9/5/22; Theft/shoplifting/Theft/shoplifting; released 9/6/22; SPD

Rayann Aletta Campbell, entered 9/6/22; Disorderly conduct/Obstr/ofc; released 9/6/22; ECSO

Jameka Shanta Hughes, entered 9/6/22; Driving lic susp/rev/Failure to stop at stop sign; released 9//22; SPD

Steven Rewis, entered 9/6/22; Driving lic susp/rev/Speeding 15-29 MPH over; released 9//22; SPD

Tyler Marco Rice, entered 9/6/22; Theft/shoplifting/Theft/shoplifting/Theft/shoplifting/Theft/shoplifting; released 9/6/22; SPD

Frankie Shon Williams, entered 9/6/22; Aggr assault/Battery; released 9/7/22; ECSO

Lonnie Davis, Jr, entered 9/6/22; Probation/Superior court; ECSO

Anthony Lee Homan, entered 9/6/22; Possession of meth/Obstr/ofc/Crim trespass; SPD

William Blake Walker, entered 9/6/22; Hold for out of county billing; released 9/7/22; ECSO

Gary Nelson Wilson, entered 9/6/22; Other; SPD

Isaak Anthony Thomas, entered 9/6/22; Hold for out of co9unty billing; released 9/7/22; ECSO

Carlton Terrell Scott, entered 9/6/22; DUI/alch/Open container/Speeding 15-29 MPH over/No license on person; released 9/7/22; GSP

Jimmy James Kelly, entered 9/7/22; Driving lic susp/rev/DUI/alch; SPD

Danny O’Ryan Rucker, entered 9/7/2; Parole violation; released 9/9/22; ECSO

Sarah Beth Hackle, entered 9/8/22; Bench warrant’/Theft/taking; SPD

April Lynne Henry, entered 9/8/22; Possession of meth/VGCSA possession of drug related object/VGCSA marijuana/less than oz/VGCS poss dangerous drugs/VGCSA poss dangerous drugs/VGCSA poss dangerous drugs; SPD

Anthony Vance, entered 9/8/22; COURT-brought from another agency/facility; ECSO

Alastair Delano Knox, entered 9/8/22; Hold for Burke CO; ECSO

Theron Corouthers, entered 9/8/22; Driving lic susp/rev/No insurance/Suspended registration; released 9/8/22; ECSO

Timothy Leon Kelly, entered 9/8/22; Speeding 15-29 MPH over/Hold for out of county billing; released 9/9/22; GSP

Benjamin Joseph, entered 9/8/22; Failure to maintain lane/Other/DUI/alch; released 9/9/22; GSP

Terry Leray Stalnaker, entered 9/9/22; VGCSA possession of drug related object/VGCSA marijuana/less than oz; released 9/9/22; SPD

Cody Lee Kirby, entered 9/9/22; Probation/State court/Middle Ga Probation

Joseph Dickerson, entered 9/9/22; Incest; SPD

Demetrius Dixon, Jr, entered 9/9/22; Flee/attempt to elude police/Reckless driving/Failure to maintain lane/Other/Other/Improper passing/Failure to stop at stop sign/Failure to stop at stop sign/Driving lic susp/rev/Other/Other; ECSO

Tommy Lee Watson, entered 9/10/22; Headlight requirements/Fleeing/attempt to elude ofc/Obstr/ofc; Possession of meth/VGCSA possession marijuana/DUI less safe; SPD

Skylar Maria Martin, entered 9/10/22; Probation/Superior court; ECSO

Armhani Raquel Foggie, entered 9/10/22; Theft/shoplifting; released 9/10/22; SPD

Dromico Andree Washington, Jr, entered 9/11/22; Theft/shoplifting; SPD

Devon Chance Brown, entered 9/11/22; Theft/shoplifting; SPD

Jordan Tyler Jex’Gomez, entered 9/11/22; Theft/shoplifting; SPD