JAIL: 9.20.23


The following persons have been booked into Emanuel County Jail, according to Emanuel County Sheriff Jeffrey Brewer, on warrants obtained by one of several local law enforcement agencies, designated by each name: Drug Task Force (DTF); Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI); Georgia Department of Pardons and Parole (GAPP); Georgia State Patrol (GSP); Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO); Swainsboro Police Dept. (SPD); Stillmore Police Dept. (SMPD); Twin City Police Department (TCPD); Garfield Police Dept. (GPD); Adrian Police Dept. (APD); Child Support Recovery Unit (CSRU); Intensive Probation Service (IPS); Probation Office (PROB); or East Georgia State College (EGSC).

Gantry Lashawn Habersham, entered 9/11/23; Theft/shoplifting/Theft/shoplifting; released 9/11/23; WALK-IN

Kenneth Bernard Gillis, entered 9/11/23; Bench warrant/State court/VGCSA possession cocaine w/intent to distribute/VGCSA possession marijuana w/intent to distribute/VGCSA possession of drug related object; SPD

Treante O’Mark Davis, entered 9/11/23; VGCSA possession cocaine w/intent to distribute/VGCSA possession of drug related object/VGCSA possession marijuana w/intent to distribute; SPD

Jimmy Alexander Johnson, entered 9/11/23; Bench warrant – City; SPD

James Henry Parker, entered 9/12/23; DUI less safe/Driving lic susp/rev/Failure to obey traffic control device/VGCSA poss dangerous drugs/Open container; released 9/14/23; SPD

Me’Elle Layquon Merrion, entered 9/12/23; Aggr assault/Firearm/knife posses/crime/attempt crime/VGCSA possession marijuana w/intent to distribute; SPD

Tavarius Menquez Devouil, entered 9/12/23; Tamper w/evidence/VGCSA drugs schedule I & II drugs/VGCSA possession marijuana w/intent to distribute/Probation/Superior court; SPD

Martina Ramos, entered 9/13/23; Failure to maintain lane/Driving while unlicensed/expired; released 9/13/23; SPD

Shown Lekeith Johnson, entered 9/13/23; Other; SPD

Donald Boatwright II, entered 9/13/23; Bench warrant – City; SPD

Savannah Lynn Sacks, entered 9/14/23; Driving lic susp/rev/Speeding <14 MPH over; released 9/14/23; ECSO

Tyrone Delawerence Martin, entered 9/14/23; Probation/Superior court/Cruelty to children 3rd degree/Battery-family violence; SPD

Guan Jermaine Wells, entered 9/14/23; Probation/State court/Middle Ga Probation/Bench warrant/State court; SPD

Erly Erlysoliz II, entered 9/14/23; Speeding 15-29 MPH over/Driving lic susp/rev; released 9/14/23; ECSO

Brianna Lastinger, entered 9/14/23; Disorderly conduct; SPD

Anthony Carl Hobbs, entered 9/15/23; Disorderly conduct; released 9/15/23; SPD

Brent Chase Allen, entered 9/15/23; Failure to maintain lane/No proof of insurance/Expired tag/Seatbelt violation/Windshields/front door cracked/tinted/matls proh/Driving lic susp/rev/Truck alter of susp sys/Tag light requirements/Other/Tire requirements/Other/Possession of meth/VGCSA/vio ga control subst act/Tamper w/evidence; ECSO

Novel Calvin Wilson, entered 9/15/23; DUI/multiple subs/Speeding 15-29 MPH over; released 9/16/23; GSP

Billy Joe Barwick, entered 9/15/23; DUI/alch/Seatbelt violation; released 9/16/23; GSP

Drina Nicole Harden, entered 9/16/23; Driving lic susp/rev/Speeding 30+ MPH over; released 9/16/23; ECSO

Suam Ruiz, entered 9/16/23; Open container/Underage drinking; released 9/17/23; SPD

Juan Mendez, entered 9/16/23; Improper stopping on roadway/Driving while unlicensed/expired/Open container/Contributing to delinquency of a minor/Windshields/front door cracked/tinted/matls proh/Windshields/front door cracked/tinted/matls proh/Failure to maintain lane/DUI/alch; SPD

Rebecca Sue Wilkerson, entered 9/16/23; Driving lic susp/rev/Seatbelt violation; released 9/16/23; SPD

Charles Crosby Ford, entered 9/16/23; DUI less safe; released 9/17/23; SPD

David Bray Durden, entered 9/17/23; Fleeing/attempt to elude ofc/Headlight requirements/Taillight requirements/Driving while unlicensed/expired; released 9/18/23; SPD