JAIL: 8.30.23


The following persons have been booked into Emanuel County Jail, according to Emanuel County Sheriff Jeffrey Brewer, on warrants obtained by one of several local law enforcement agencies, designated by each name: Drug Task Force (DTF); Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI); Georgia Department of Pardons and Parole (GAPP); Georgia State Patrol (GSP); Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO); Swainsboro Police Dept. (SPD); Stillmore Police Dept. (SMPD); Twin City Police Department (TCPD); Garfield Police Dept. (GPD); Adrian Police Dept. (APD); Child Support Recovery Unit (CSRU); Intensive Probation Service (IPS); Probation Office (PROB); or East Georgia State College (EGSC).

Daniel Ray Boone, entered 8/21/23; DUI/alch/Failure to maintain lane; released 8/21/23; GSP

James Henry Parker, entered 8/21/23; Driving lic susp/rev/No insurance; released 8/21/23; SPD

Dominick Gavin Landon, entered 8/21/23; Probation/Superior court; ECSO

Colton Daniel Olliff, entered 8/21/23; Cruelty to children; released 8/23/23; ECSO

Reggie Ramon Grier, entered 8/21/23; Operation of veh w/o tag/decal/DUI/refusal; released 8/22/23; SPD

Cristain Ovidio, entered 8/21/23; Failure to maintain lane/Driving while unlicensed/expired; released 8/22/23; ECSO

Brian Vernon Mosley, ,entered 8/22/23; Fleeing/attempt to elude ofc/Other/VGCSA possession of drug related object/Cruelty to children/Trafficking in cocaine, illegal drugs, marijuana or meth/Other/Firearm poss by conv felon/Firearm/knife posses/crime/attempt crime/Cruelty to children/Driving lic susp/rev/Tamper w/evidence/VGCSA possession marijuana w/intent to distribute/Mutiny in penal instit/Obstr/ofc; SPD

Gwendolyn Shankie Robertson, entered 8/22/23; Probation/Superior court; ECSO

Margie Baarber Wilkerson, entered 8/22/23; DUI/drugs/Leaving scene of accident/Failure to maintain lane; released 8/22/23; SPD

Andrew Jackson Williams, entered 8/22/23; Crim trespass; ECSO

James Allen Denison, entered 8/22/23; Probation/Superior court; ECSO

Kaitlyn Paige Wright, entered 8/22/23; Disorderly conduct; ECSO

Zulia Ramos Landaverde, entered 8/22/23; Driving while unlicensed/expired; released 8/22/23; ECSO

Michael Anthony Mason, entered 8/23/23; Theft/shoplifting; released 8/23/23; SPD

Brett Hise, entered 8/23/23; Child support/Superior court contempt order; released 8/23/23; ECSO

Samuel Anthony Worthington, entered 8/23/23; Child support/Superior Court contempt order; ECSO

Maurice Dwayne Pullens, entered 8/23/23; Other/Bench warrant/State court/Hold for out of county billing/Bench warrant/State court; SPD

Jarmarion Jacquez Pullens, entered 8/23/23; Disorderly conduct; released 8/24/23; SPD

Janet Lannette Aldrich, entered 8/24/23; DUI/drugs/Failure to maintain lane; released 8/24/23; SPD

Ashley Paul Hood, entered 8/24/23; Probation/Superior Court/Bench warrant/Superior Court; ECSO

Lisa Marie Sluder, entered 8/24/23; Bench warrant/Superior Court/Other/Probation/Adrian PD/Middle Ga Probation; ECSO

Robert La’Jarrion Thomas, entered 8/24/23; Driving lic susp/rev/Seatbelt violation/other; released 8/24/23; SPD

Joshua Trenton Neesmith, entered 8/24/23; Probation/Superior court; ECSO

Tamika Robertson Moore, entered 8/24/23; DUI less safe; released 8/25/23; SPD

Aaron Michael Williams, entered 8/24/23; Probation/Superior court/Probation/Superior court; ECSO

Tevaris Terrell Harris, entered 8/25/23; Other; SPD

Hugh Avery Glisson, entered 8/25/23; Probation/Superior court; ECSO

Kirk Petter Lee Fehr, entered 8/25/23; Stalking; ECSO

Zhivago Estrada Travet, entered 8/25/23; VGCSA possession cocaine; SPD

Remington Blake Lamb, entered 8/25/23; Possession of cocaine; SPD

Jami Janae Davis, entered 8/26/23; VGCSA possession of drug related object; SPD

Antonio Ramon Duffie, entered 8/26/23; Driving lic susp/rev/VGCSA possession of drug related object; SPD

Stephanie Layne Roberson, entered 8/26/23; Disorderly conduct; released 8/26/23; ECSO

Tywan Le’Keith Boynton, entered 8/26/23; Aggr assault/Cruelty to children 3rd degree; SPD

Woodrow Sagun Smith, entered 8/27/23; Disorderly conduct; released 8/27/23; SPD

Michael Burgess, entered 8/27/23; DUI/alch; released 8/27/23; ECSO