It’s harvest time


As you travel are you beginning to see signs of harvest, the gathering of the crops? From peanuts to cotton. From sweet potatoes to sugar came. The weather also begins by to cool down and you feel chill in the air. The leaves are falling, and pecans are being harvested. Yes, it's harvest time. Ecclesiastes chapter three tells us it's a time and purpose for everything under the sun. If you are not aware, please know that you are sowing every day in everything that you do. Remember this saying, 'You gonna reap just what you sow". So just stop and reprogram some things. Our teachers would focus us with, "stop, look and listen".

It's important to think that harvest is a multiplication of what you have planted. So, what are you planting each day? Whatever it is, it will be multiplied back to you. So, in your garden, will you plant love or hate; peace or discourse, joy or confusion; encouragement or discouragement; happiness or sadness; unity or division? Just remember you will reap whatever you sow.

God is not respect of person. He said in the book of James that if we have respect of person, we sin. That is all the reason to stop following others, look at what you are doing, and listen to the word of God.

Yes, it's harvest time for Jesus, said in Saint John chapter fourteen, "I’m going away to prepare a place for you. I will come again and receive (gather) you into myself.”

Read the signs of his return in Matthew chapter twenty-four. Yes, it's harvest time. Stop, look, and listen. Very soon, there will be the gathering of the Saints. Will you be ready?