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In a world where anyone can fall victim to the adversities of life, we need more people who genuinely lead with grace and compassion. Making the world a better place by building a benevolent bridge to connect us to those who are affected by hard times. From smiling at a stranger, to giving a compassionate response during a crisis or moment of need. One small, sweet gesture can change a heart, a home or contribute to a lifetime of hope and returned kindness.

On the Summit side of downtown Twin City, there’s a small bookstore devoted to giving back. It’s built on hospitality and a higher love, with a name that’s titled, His Truth, and its purpose is heaven sent. “From the very beginning the Lord gave me a vision of a fellowship center.” Windy Durden, owner of His Truth began to explain of its origination. “It was 2016. I was reading my Bible one night and it hit me. I flipped to the front and wrote, His Truth.” Words that held incredible significance to Windy but words whose true meaning and purpose would only be revealed when she recognized what her calling would even be.

“As the years passed by, I would see it but never knew how it would come to fruition. Then, he put it on my heart that it was time. So, we found a building that was in a mess to say the least.” She said with a laugh. “We remodeled everything and now it’s home to a Christian bookstore with its destined name, His Truth.” The bookstore sells bibles, handmade jewelry, children’s books, and toys, at reasonable prices for a wonderful cause.

“Every purchase fund’s the Emanuel County food pantry” That’s right! With the help of many loved ones, Windy has developed a haven for hunger. Creating a food pantry in the middle of her store that is available to everyone within our community and anyone in the state of Georgia. “There’s absolutely no cost and we invite anyone who needs it to come and fill their kitchen with what we can offer.” The pantry receives monthly supplies of food that are neatly stored in an area of the building where hungry families can easily get what they need. Items include shelf goods like rice, canned produce, cereal, peanut butter, and more. They also have a meat freezer.

“They come in and tell me what they want to eat, and I get it bagged up for them.” It’s rare that you meet someone who’s sole intention is to give back to the community, especially with profits made from their own business. “We don’t receive a dime. Everything goes back to the community and the people within it that need it the most. If there’s a need, I want to help.” While every purchase in the store is used to fund the hungry homes within our area, Windy also says that any food donations are accepted as well. “I’ve been blessed so who would I be to not give back? That’s not who God calls us to be.” She says that her focus is on everybody and showing them that she truly cares. “That’s just where my heart is at. I have a love for God and a love for people. If there’s a hurt or need then I want to be able to help mend that.“

In the brokenness of the world, Windy is a glimmer of light for our neck of the woods. Aspiring to be exactly who He has called her to be. “My intention is to provide for the community and being the hands and feet of Jesus here. His work says that we got to feed the people so that is what I am here to do. Times are hard. There are many senior citizens who can’t afford to buy dinner for the week or parents that even when they receive food stamps may not have enough to last for the whole month. So, our purpose is to help fill a pantry that’s a little short in supply.”

A demand that has been undervalued by many is now affecting more and more households as the consumer price index continues to increase. “Inflation is up, the price of food is up, gas is up. We all at some point in our lives, struggle, and that’s why the lord gave me this vision and it’s amazing how he’s just put it all together. It’s been a long road.” Windy currently preaches in the women’s prison system and has also added a beautiful fellowship hall to her bookstore with plans to eventually open when she feels in her heart that it’s time.

“The Lord has not yet asked me to open the doors to the sanctuary, he just asked me to have it ready. As soon as he tells me to open those doors, we will step in and have service.” The church has a beautifully handcrafted mural that accents the center wall adorned with a wooden cross. “The men at New Beginnings in Christ Recovery Home, came in and did an enormous amount of work for me.” She explained as I admired their craftsmanship. The church will be called His Truth Fellowship Center after the words that started it all. “That’s the name that he wanted me to use from the very beginning, so this is all just an umbrella of that.”

Among the many things that her sweet little chapel contains, she has added a social hall to her organization as well. Holding weekly meetings there that are highly valued to Windy and her purpose. “I have a special place in my heart for recovering addicts so, we do a 6 o’clock program every Monday night that’s called Celebrate Recovery. It’s not only for anybody that’s fighting addiction but it’s for anyone who is going through any hurt, habit, or hang-up and it’s all based on the attitudes of Jesus Christ from the sermon on the mount. A collection of teachings attributed to Jesus that help you learn how to recover from anything that’s burdening you.”

As I followed Windy around the store, listening to her incredible testimony, she took me over to a corner that held books from local authors. “I’m going to be doing a local Christian artist spotlight once a month, where we will be displaying local Christian authors.” She explained with an excited smile. A sweet consideration for any writers or avid readers that are right here at home.

Before leaving I asked Windy about a subtle little section found in the front of her store. A handmade panel with small brown notes hanging from it by twine and a sign that read, Prayer Wall. Her answer was heartwarming. “He calls us to pray and if we don’t send it up and talk to him about it why should he answer it? There’s been so many times when I’ve needed prayer or have needed someone to pray with me. I want anyone who has a prayer request to leave it here because I truly pray. I pray over everything that we put on this board, and I prayed over it before there were ever any other prayers hanging from it. We live in a hurtin’ world and there’s a lot of need and heartache so if anyone needs a prayer, they can come in just for that and I’ll pray with them, for them and over them. They don’t have to buy anything at all. We’re here to serve a need and if that’s what they need then that’s what they’ll receive.”

Windy is proof that there is good in the world and in our community and God’s truth doesn’t change, even when our circumstances do. “Life is difficult and not everyone is blessed. I’m not here to try and give anyone a hand-out but I am here to help them up. I want to return the love that I’ve been given from Emanuel County to them. I want to be a light wherever it is needed.” The test of a civilization is in the way that it cares for its helpless members. Be a light for someone today by purchasing a good for good and visiting Windy at His Truth in downtown Twin City.

As flesh, we love the truth because it's the way we're created by God. It's built in, so to speak. And every step we take in the direction of valuing the truth and resisting falsity moves us closer to understanding that God is Truth and how to fulfill Jesus' promise that this all-important truth will heal us and make us free. A promise that Windy strives to fulfill every day from here on out.


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