Hey, Veterans… Thank you!!!


Today marks Veterans Day 2021. Annual observed on November 11, this special day pays tribute to all military veterans that have served in U.S. Armed Forces.

Emanuel County thinks a great deal of our men and women who have dedicatedly served our great country and has implemented their patriotic heroism into our roots.

Did you know: Emanuel County is home to approximately more than 1,000 US service members? It’s true – and we appreciate each of them!

Often, veterans enjoy Monday morning coffee sessions at the local library. Franklin Memorial Library also host a tribute inside the facility for those who have served known as the Wall of Vets. The project launched in January 2005 features World War II veterans and is still ongoing today!

In addition to the library, veterans are also recognized at Pine Brook Nature Park in downtown Swainsboro. Local veterans are also encouraged to check out the American Legion Post 103 and Lanier-Moore VFW Post 5745 and the many community projects performed each year. The two posts work with much effort to provide services and community outreach to local veterans and their families.

To the fine Veterans of Emanuel County, tomorrow, we celebrate each of you! Thank you for your service!