Getting to know your local physicians: Dr. Anthony Howard


During today’s unforeseen times, Emanuel Medical Center feels it is extremely important for the community to become more educated about the many local medical care providers here in Emanuel County and the services they provide as well as their personal takes on how medical care should be rendered. Beginning this week and in the weeks to come, these medical care providers will be featured in editions of The Forest-Blade in an effort to better inform about and make the public more comfortable with the staff people who are here for you. This week’s interview-style feature spotlights Dr. Anthony Howard.

Q: Can you tell the community a little about yourself?

A: My name is Dr Anthony Howard. I was born and raised in Macon. I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Med from Morehouse College in Atlanta and a medical degree at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee. I am a board-certified internist with 29 years of experience. I completed my residency in internal medicine at Akron General Medical Center in Akron, Ohio before my wife, three children, and I moved to Swainsboro and opened a private practice in 1991. In my spare time, I enjoy watching sports of all kinds, especially watching and playing golf.

Q: Why did you choose to become a physician?

A: I broke my wrist in the 11th grade. I did not like the way I was treated and knew if I were a doctor, I would do better.

Q: Why did you choose to specialize in Internal Medicine? What do you like most about this particular field?

A: To me, internal medicine is the workhorse of medicine. You learn to diagnosis a vast array of illnesses.

Q: How much time do you spend with each patient?

A: I have no set time when I’m seeing patients. It all depends on the patient’s problems. Quality over quantity is how I prefer to operate.

Q: What type of rapport do you establish with your patients?

A: Friendly, someone easy to talk to, and willing to listen to them.

Q: What do you think your peers would say about you?

A: I think my peers would say I’m reliable and easy to work with.

Q: What do you think the nursing and ancillary support staff would say about you?

A: That I’m a nice, smart guy.

Q: What special skills/experiences do you bring to your practice and to the hospital that others might not offer?

A: I allow God to guide me in offering excellent care and to be the provider who takes the time to listen and not rush patients or my work.

Q: What would you consider to be your main focus and/or strengths for the community, patients, families, and hospital?

A: My main focus is to see that patients, families, the hospital, and community as a whole receives great medical care locally. No patient should have to drive 80+ miles and wait 60+ minutes for a 5- to 15-minute visit with a physician.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 3 to 5 years?

A: I see myself in Swainsboro, playing a lot more golf and taking more fishing trips, while still working only 3-4 days per week.

Q: What can the community do to become healthier?

A: Taking accountability of their health is step one, so engaging with their providers on short-term and long-term goals for better managed health is key. The community can also support younger physicians and embrace the future technology of medicine. The next 20 to 30 years depends on it.


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