Franklin Memorial Library presents Our Home Town


Franklin Memorial Library is thrilled to present the Our Home Town movie filmed in 1947. This movie gives viewers the unique opportunity to see what life in Swainsboro was like during that era. The library has been given a photocopy of the original Swainsboro Forest Blade article from June 12, 1947, that first announced the making of this 20-minute-long historical film. The article states that Sol Landsman and Arthur Loevin shot the reels for the movie in the several days that they were visiting Swainsboro. They completed the film by attaching soundtracks and music to help add a little more flair. This film provides a rich, detailed view of the city’s past, giving newer generations a chance to understand their roots. This event is a journey back in time. From the fashion to the architecture, from the industry and the lifestyle, the film presents an authentic picture of Swainsboro in 1947, and we are so excited to invite you to come see the past and enjoy the memories they have captured for us. This eye-opening film will be shown on Saturday, June 29, at 1:30 p.m. at Franklin Memorial Library. Don’t miss the chance to learn more about our town’s rich history and heritage.